I Dissect ‘Girl in a Country Song’

Have you heard this song?

It’s the best freakin song on radio right now because it’s full of sass and girl power and it makes you want to walk right up to a male and hit them for no reason.

Preferably Luke Bryan.

If you’ve listened to it 19 times in one day, like I have, then you might have noticed that Maddie and Tae don’t just generalize their stabs, they take particular stabs at bro country artists and their extremely stupid songs.

I broke it down so you can really get the full effect and enjoy it next time it comes on the radio.

Maddie and Tae: “Well I wish I had some shoes on my two bare feet.”
Stab: Jason Aldean’s Take A Little Ride and his line “Put your pretty pink toes on the dash and lean your seat back.”

M&T: “And it’s getting kind of cold in these painted on cut-off jeans.”
Stab: Chris Young’s Ah Naw and the line, “It would be so wrong if we didn’t dance one, show off those jeans you painted on.”
Other possible stab: “She’s got the blue jeans painted on tight” from David Nail’s Whatever She’s Got.
Other, other possible stab: “You’re looking so good in what’s left of those blue jeans” from Luke Bryan’s Drunk on You.

M&T: “I hear you over there on your tailgate whistling.”
Stab: “You can find me in the back of a jacked-up tailgate, sitting around watching all these pretty things” from Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party

M&T: “Saying, ‘Hey, girl.’ But you know I ain’t listening.”
Stab: Billy Currington’s Hey Girl song

M&T: “Cause I got a name and to you it ain’t Pretty Little Thing.”
Stab: “Sitting round watching all these pretty things” from Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party.

M&T: “It’s driving me re-re-re-re-re-re-re-redneck crazy.”
Stab: TWO BIRDS, ONE STONE on this one, people! The uttering red part comes from Blake Shelton’s Boys ‘Round Here and the Redneck Crazy is from Tyler Farr’s ignorant song about basically killing an ex and her new boyfriend.

M&T: “Now we’re lucky if we even get to climb up in your truck and keep our mouths shut and ride along…”
Stab: Possibly Justin Moore’s Lettin’ The Night Roll and the line “You look so damn good climbing up in my Chevy.”

M&T: “Well shaking my money maker ain’t ever made me a dime. And there ain’t no sugar for you in this shaker of mine.”
Stab: Thomas Rhett’s Get Me Some Of That and the line “You’re shaking that money maker like a heartbreaker like your college major was twistin’ and tearin’ up Friday nights. Love the way you’re wearing those jeans so tight.” THAT LAST PART WAS A BONUS.
Other possible stab: “Drip of honey on that money maker” from Luke Bryan’s Drunk on You.

M&T: “Tell me one more you gotta get you some of that.”
Stab: Pretty much Thomas Rhett’s entire song

M&T: “Sure I’ll slide on over…”
Stab: “Slide your pretty little self on over, get a little closer” from Jason Aldean’s Take A Little Ride.

M&T: “Ah naw”
Stab: Chris Young. They’re just stabbing Chris Young and the entirety of a song titled Ah Naw.

M&T: “Conway and George Strait never did it this way back in the old days.”
Non-stab: Look up Conway and George songs and see if you can tell a difference in tone because that sounds like too much work at this point.

M&T: “Down some old dirt road we don’t even want to be on.”
Stab: “I can ride you round town and drive you down some old backroad” from Justin Moore’s Lettin The Night Roll.

M&T: “I ain’t your tan-legged Juliet.”
Stab: We got a word-for-word case here. It’s a stab at “You can be my tanned-leg Juliet, I’ll be your redneck Romeo” from Jason Aldean’s My Kinda Party.

Wasn’t that fascinating? Emily Stines helped with this one, so here’s her shoutout. What do y’all think? Give me feedback. I love like feedback.

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