A CVS Nightmare

Prescription drugs are a beautiful thing, aren’t they?

Well after a nice visit from the dermatologist, I was prescribed like 300 drugs to take for my skin. Good God, being honest via a blog is brutal, but here I am.

Well after dinner tonight, my parents dropped me off at CVS to pick up my pills.

Every time I go to CVS to pick up my happy pills, I think, “OK, surely this is organized and I just don’t see it because I’m not a pharmacist.”

I tell them my last name and they head to the back. Baskets and baskets fill the place with dozens of bags in each of them.

I see the basket labeled “SK-ST” and think, “OK, that’s obviously where my drugs are” because, you know, my last name begins with SK.

But the pharmacist never goes directly to that basket. They look in all the other S baskets before I guess finally figuring out the alphabet. Then they find my drugs.

how the alphabet must be for pharmacists.

But tonight, the woman searched and searched before handing my case over to another pharmacist.

The man pulled me aside and told me he was confused about the instructions and tried calling my doctor and me, but that I never returned his phone call.

Let me inform y’all what the voicemail said. (Note he had an African accent.)

“Hi. This call is for Paige. This is Tom. Call me back.”

No mention of CVS. No mention of drugs. Nothing.

So I googled the number and when I realized it was CVS, I just figured it was a courtesy call telling me my prescription was ready.

Well apparently not because the pharmacist was mad at me.

I explained the instructions to him, according to how the dermatologist told me and he said, “OK.”

Oh, so we’re just taking my word for it? Ok. That’s comforting.

Once it was time to pay, I had to go to the back of the very long line. I was annoyed.

The original woman checks me out and asks for my date of birth about 100 times.

10/22/90. 10/22/90. 10/22/90.

She looks at the prescription and I kid you not, looks at me in the eye and says, “You can’t take this if you’re pregnant.”

I said, “Ok, but, like, I’m not, so….”

I pay.

I’m going to the gym.

One thought on “A CVS Nightmare”

  1. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. I don't really have anything else to say. But give me the address of your CVS cause I'm going there to see if they'll hand me some free pills.


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