My Very In-Depth Review of Sean Lowe’s Book

It’s sad how many biography books I’ve read. I had never opened a Harry Potter, Twilight, or Hunger Games book, but I’ve read a book by Alyssa Milano about being a baseball fan. k.

i have literally read this book what is the matter with me.

After reading Sean Lowe’s book, I was able to rank it with other similar books.

Very Informative Ranking Of Books By Celebrities Who Also Happen To Be Christian:

  1. Justin Bieber’s mom’s book (This is a great book and I suggest everyone read it. This woman is a saint for multiple reasons.)
  2. Josh Hamilton (I mean we know his story, but the part where he see the devil in the clouds gives me chills.)
  3. Kate Plus 8 (Don’t hate, but I remember her walk with God being pretty cool.)
  4. Sean Lowe (I’ve read better, I’ve read worse.)
  5. The Vow (The book before the movie. It was faith-based and 100-times better than the movie. Sue me.)
  6. Tim Tebow (Holy moly, this book was boring. Like, do some drugs or something because I’m bored. I’m reading and sleeping, reading and sleeping.)
  7. 19 Kids and Counting (And by boring, nothing will beat this book. Because it was the actual worst.)

This book was mainly boring but yolo I read it. I asked y’all to ask me questions and I would answer them, but y’all’s questions were so dumb, I actually sat down to watch an episode of Teen Mom just so I could feel smarter. However, the book had some interesting points.

  • Did you know during Brad Womack’s first season, he got ahold of a cellphone and called his ex and begged for her back? And that’s why he didn’t choose either girl. Does anyone remember Brad Womack’s first season? Does anyone remember Brad Womack B.E.M. (before emily maynard i’m good at acronyms)
  • Sean dated Brooke, a former DCC, and somehow managed to let her get away. Let’s take a moment to just look at Brooke.
if you watch dcc making the team like i do, then you know she almost didn’t make it because she was too fat hahaha murder me.

  • Now Brooke is married to Laynce Nix and no, I didn’t spell his name wrong. He spells it like that, so there’s that. I’ve met Laynce before at some baseball signing. I was like 14. I remember him being really dumb. I also think I’ve met Brooke but don’t like hold me to that. I’ve also met Sean, so I practically wrote this book.

    14 was hard.


    • In the book, Sean tells us about his Bachelorette experience and how he fell in love with Emily and blah blah blah. Nothing super interesting happened EXCEPT, you know how Emily made it seem like she turned down the fantasy suite card for Sean? Well, that was just for the cameras. They really spent alone time together and after Emily filmed one of her one-on-one interviews with the producers, she walked back into the room, looking for Sean and said, “Where’s my boyfriend?” AND THEN SHE DUMPED HIM THE NEXT ROSE CEREMONY. Like, ok then.
    • He talks a lot about production and filming and how close they all get with the producers. He said the producers pick the order of the guys when they come out of the limos the first night. The first guy/girl is someone who the producers think have a shot at winning. Sean was the first out during Emily’s season. Other firsts:
      • Chantal who was the runner-up during Brad’s second season
      • Britt who got the first impression rose from Chris
      • I can’t think of any others but you get the point ok.
    • We also learned one of the reasons he sent AshLee home was because she was a little fame hungry. During their fantasy suite, she suggested they star in a reality show after getting off The Bachelor. He saw this as a red flag because yeah, that’s weird.

    she looks mad tbh.

    • He says in the book that he literally didn’t know who he was going to choose until the day before. Lindsay had the faith and Catherine had the fun.

    STORY OF MY ACTUAL LIFE. Do you date the guy who you actually like being around or do you date the Christian who can’t take a joke???????????????????

    • Anyway, he spent all the time with Catherine and then was like, I don’t know if she even loves Jesus and I’m like ok, I remember my first relationship. Like, how did that happen? How did you spend all that time with her and say faith is the most important part of your life and then be like, I think I’m going to propose to her, but does she even love Jesus?????????????? k.
    • So then they get proposed and everything is grand until literally a minute later when Sean decides to go on Dancing With The Stars and basically kill their relationship. They both move to LA and Catherine gives up everything for him. She was some badass graphic designer in Seattle, who was a vegan and probably drank out of a Nalgene and then this Texan Sean guy is like hey, let’s get married and you need to watch me compete on DWTS. And she did it. Anyway, they had troubles, but they worked through it and they got married and blah blah blah.

    SPOILER ALERT: Catherine ends up getting saved and everything works out and I remember my first happy marriage.

    catherine is cool.

    Anyway, all in all this book was fine. I can’t really complain considering Sean signed it the way I asked him. God bless our troops.

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