My experience at Pottery Barn Baby

As I stood in line at Pottery Barn Baby behind a couple wearing matching LuluLemon attire, I realized I could never hate two strangers more than I hated them.

I was at Pottery Barn Baby because I was the chosen one to pick up a gift for Granmary. Granmary was going to attend my sister’s friend’s baby shower and because Granmary is 98, she can’t drive. Bless her.

So at 11 a.m. Saturday morning, I rushed out the door to Pottery Barn Baby because I had to be at work in two hours and still needed to get ready.

I weaved in and out of people to find a giant stuffed bunny rabbit to buy for Granmary for the baby.

I checked the price tag. $49 for a stuffed animal. What’s it like to have so much money that spending $50 on a stuffed animal doesn’t even faze you.

i got the big one. yolo.

I don’t even look at anything else. I just grab the bunny with a pink sash around its neck and head for the register.

That’s when I meet the one lone man who is working at Pottery Barn Baby in Uptown on a Saturday morning. Bless him because just bless him. I get in line behind the two LuluHeads and quickly realize I’m not going anywhere anytime soon. The LuluHeads were trying to buy a small little clock off a registry and Worker thought maybe PBB was out. He went searching through the store. The LuluHeads needed to show their friends how great they are by buying a clock for a baby.

baby clocks are important.

A pregnant woman and her toddler get in line behind me.

Worker comes back with the clock and the LuluHeads literally rejoice and I’m like ok.

They swipe their card. They ask to have it giftwrapped. They are informed it will take an hour. They agree.

It’s my turn in line. Worker does not do the customary, “Sorry for the wait,” so I’m automatically a little aggravated. I buy the bunny. I buy a Congratulations card. I ask for giftwrapping.

Worker is having trouble with the cash register. He tells me to follow him across the store. I look behind me and the poor pregnant woman has abandoned her child and sat down. I mouth the word “Sorry” to her. She nods.

Worker takes me to the other side of the store where it looks like the North Pole. There are other workers, who look like working elves, trying to find everything on everyone’s Christmas list/baby registry.

actual footage of the Worker at PBB.

Worker asks for my first name, last name, and phone number.

He asks for my receipt back.

He types in a code to the computer and it isn’t finding anything. I don’t know what he’s trying to find but I know he can’t find it.

All I wanted was my bunny giftwrapped.

The computer isn’t working, so he decided to write everything down.

He asks for my first name, last name, and phone number again.

He asks if the bunny is for a girl or a boy.

I said girl.

I said girl.

I said girl.

I can vividly remember my sister saying how this couple was thinking about using Brittney to name their kid.

I said girl.

I said girl.

I got into my car and texted my sister.

I died.

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