Brad Paisley Q&A Because WTF

What’s the point in having Brad Paisley follow you on Twitter if you don’t occasionally abuse it, I thought to myself one lonely night. Inspired by this DUDs post, I went for it.

Photo by Isaac Villalobos. Hire him here:

For some reason, unknown to even God himself, Brad Paisley follows me on the Twitter and sometimes even interacts with thy tweets.

Listen, everyone has something. Some people have clear skin, some people have an impressive IQ, some people meet their soulmate at age 15 and don’t have to date. I HAVE NONE OF THOSE THINGS. SO LET ME HAVE THIS.

Maybe Brad Paisley follows me because he thinks I’m a serious and professional journalist.

Or maybe he thinks I’m really funny.

Or maybe he accidentally followed me one day and then felt too bad to unfollow me.

These are theories I don’t have time to explore.

The only thing I have time to do is DM extremely sophisticated questions and pray to the country music gods that he responds and doesn’t file a restraining order.

Because Just PMSing is a serious political blog, I asked Mr. BP what he thinks about the presidential race and taxes and ISIS.

I’m kidding. I asked him Taco Bueno or Taco Bell. AND HE RESPONDED. And here are his answers. FREAKIN DRUMROLL PLEASE.

Enjoy, PMSers. Can I call y’all that?

PMS: How many times have you watched Father of the Bride?
BP: Father of the Bride? 48 times.

graphics by PMS hire me for all your photoshopping needs.

PMS: Favorite Taylor Swift song?
BP: TS song? Red

PMS: Taco Bueno or Taco Bell?
BP: Bueno

PMS: Barbecue sauce or ranch?
BP: Barbecue sauce

PMS: Football or baseball?
BP: Football

PMS: Favorite John Travolta movie?
BP: Pulp Fiction

PMS: Hardest song of yours to play on guitar?
BP: Time Warp

PMS: If you were locked inside Mall of America, which store would you sleep in?
BP: The Lake Wobegon Store

PMS: Who can drink more: you or Blake Shelton?
BP: Blake Shelton

PMS: Favorite Ludacris song?
BP: Money Maker

PMS: Dipping or chewing?
BP: Chewing

PMS: Have you ever drank a beer in the shower?
BP: No

PMS: Funniest thing one of your kids has ever said?
BP: Dad’s in charge

Here’s the screenshot of his answers. Yes, it could not be him. It could be some poor intern. But you know what? YOUR BOYFRIEND COULD BE A CLOSETED HOMOSEXUAL. We don’t know. It’s called faith, people. Get some.

Thank you, Mr. Brad Paisley if you’re reading this. IOU. And ILY.

Go like Just PMSing on Facebook. If you want. Or don’t. Idfc.

Oh, and watch BP and Carrie Underwood host the CMAs Nov. 4. Bye.

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