A Timeline of Granmary’s Nick Jonas Questions

pls don’t steal this. PMS copyright.

12:37 p.m. CT Sept. 23, 2015, Dickey’s BBQ, Dallas, Texas, USA
Me: “I’m about to interview Nick Jonas.”
98-year-old grandmother, also known as Granmary: “Ohhhh? Nick Jonas? Now is he the youngest one? He was on my TV just the other day. What are you going to wear?”
Me: “I don…”
Granmary: “What are you going to ask him? Where are you meeting him? Will his brothers be there?”

7 p.m. CT Sept. 23, 2015, voicemail on my iPhone
Granmary: “Hi, darling! It’s Granmary. I’m just dying to know how that went. Did you have the right questions and was he cute? Anyhow, get the thing all together. I wanna read this. Well, I was just checking.”

1:07 p.m. Sept. 27, 2015, El Fenix, Dallas, Texas, USA
Granmary: “How was it? Was he nice? Was he funny? What did you wear?”
Me: “It was go…”
Granmary: “Did you see he’s dating that Kate Hudson girl? Well, I just can’t believe it. Now we know why he didn’t call you. How old is she?”
Father, also known as ICE Daddy: “Him not calling had nothing to do with the fact that he just got done dating Miss Universe.”

Granmary: “Was he nice? I bet all the other brothers are jealous of his success? What did you ask him? Can I read it? Has he called? He might just be looking for a Texas girl, you never know.”

3:29 p.m. Oct. 4, 2015, Granmary’s Room in her assisted living home, Dallas, Texas, USA
Granmary: “Have you heard from Nick? Has he called? Can you believe that he’s dating Kate Hudson? Well I just can’t believe it. How old is she? How old are you looking for, Paige? Nothing under 30? Well, you’ll know when you see him, I guess. I’m not worried about you.”


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