Wendy Williams And I Have Thoughts on Justin Bieber

Below you will see a clip of Wendy EFFIN Williams saying, “How you doin’, readers of Just PMSing” and then giggling.

Besides her saying that first line, she also sits down with Inside Edition’s Deborah Norville to discuss all things Justin Bieber because he’s everyone’s favorite ~bad boy.~

So, here’s the lowdown. Bieber was doing some radio interview thing and then the radio people, talking in Spanish, were like, LET’S BREAK THE INTERNET!!! and then Bieber walked out.

I literally do not understand what the big deal is because I think it was just Bieber trying to break the Internet by walking out of the interview?????

I could totally be misreading it all, and he could have really gotten angry, but I have never misread a man in my entire life, so I doubt that’s the case. To me, Bieber heard “break the Internet” and was like, “Oh, I’ll break the Internet.” And then he did it. Because here we are. On the Internet. Trying to assemble it back together after it breaking.

But let’s chat about Justin Bieber because I don’t think we ever have. There’s a chance I’ve shared my opinion about him with some of your individually, but I don’t think I have on this blog. So cuddle up with a blanket and hot cocoa because PMS has opinions. Ok, I hated that line as much as you did, don’t worry.

How old is Justin Bieber? 21 now? Have you ever met a 21-year-old boy you liked? No, like, think about it. Think about a 19-year-old boy and how annoying they are. Then think about a 20-year-old boy and how mature they think they are. And then think about that fresh 21-year-old boy who just started drinking legally and wants everyone to know about it. And then think about that same 21-year-old boy but he has millions of dollars and dated Selena Gomez.

Bam. BAM. bambambam. How much do you hate that boy now?

And do not give me the bullshit about how you don’t hate any other young male popstar. Do you idiots remember Justin Timberlake???? The one who had a ‘wardrobe malfunction’ with Janet Jackson and took none of the blame? The one who told Barbara Walters he slept with Britney Spears? The one who cried like a baby when he go Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher because he was so stoned? If Bieber did any of that, we would rip him a new one. And why????? Why?????? Why????

Let me know in the comments or tweet me or Facebook me or take me out for drinks that you pay for and let me know.

Use the hashtag #SILYMI (say it like you mean it) or #JustPMSing and let’s go viral. I don’t ask for a lot. Just to go viral occasionally.

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