Yes, I know my phone screen is cracked.

Attention everyone. Yes, I know my phone screen is cracked. It’s a metaphor for my heart.

If that isn’t a lyric on Ruben Studdard’s next album, then ISIS wins.

I don’t want this to come across as a girl who is annoyed that people are making conversation with her. And maybe I’m just as guilty as the next person. But, I get it. You get it. We all get it. My phone screen is cracked in a million pieces. We can stop talking about it.

I was in a galaxy far, far away when it happened. We’ll call it Forney, Texas, because that’s where it happened. I had had my iPhone 6 for all of three weeks when I was walking into a Mexican food restaurant about to do my American duty and order chips and queso. And that’s when it happened. Like a blink of the eye. Like a moment in time. Like a whisper in the wind. I dropped my phone casually and when I went to pick it up and I saw this.

subliminal message to like just pmsing on the fb.

I have been living with this phone for about one year now. After a few days of getting all of the loose screen parts out, it ended up being fine. Sure, I can’t really see any photos clearly before I post them. Sure, sometimes my text messages are misspelled. Sure, sometimes it’s annoying. But overall, I’m living. I’m choosing to live. I’m choosing to go on and fight. I want to represent my country the best I can and I feel like this is what I was called to do. So, like, really. You can stop saying things, like:
  • What happened to your phone?
  • Where did you drop it from? A skyscraper?
  • You know Best Buy fixes them?
  • Just buy the parts on Amazon and fix it yourself.
  • Do you ever cut yourself on it?
  • You phone looks like my son’s.
  • How do you even see what you’re typing?
I sincerely appreciate everyone telling me the random mall kiosks that fixes iPhones. It’s nice of everyone that you would go out of your way to tell me about a random Indian man in the middle of the mall that takes your phone for two hours and fixes it. It’s just that it’s typically about $100. Which isn’t a lot of money for a blogger like me, who makes a ton of money, but $100 can buy a lot of things, like:
  • A pair of Joe’s Jeans
  • 200 Jack In The Box Tacos
  • A concert ticket or two
  • A pair of thigh-high boots
  • 6 to 7 meals at Desperado’s
  • A dress and a top at Urban Outfitters
  • Basically, it can buy a lot of food and outfits.

The crackness of my iPhone doesn’t bother me, but my phone is also jacked because occasionally it just doesn’t send or receive texts. So if you’re a male and you’ve texted your undying love to me recently and I didn’t text back, it’s def because I didn’t get it. Or it’s because I hate you. Good luck figuring out which one.

But honestly, if I hear one more time that Best Buy fixes iPhones, I will murder. Just a general murder.

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