Fangirl Moments Told By Others

Hi. Hello there. Welcome. If you remember this post, then you know fangirls exist but to really prove it to my dedicated readers, I thought I would ask some GiRlFrIeNdS their most embarrassing fangirl moment. They don’t disappoint.

Personally Offended
“Fangirling was so exhausting. I was Ashton Kutcher’s biggest fan. Literally had a wall of Ashton Kutcher. Every single magazine cover was on my wall. Those free posters in the mags I only bought if it was an Ashton Kutcher one. I found out everything about him. He had a twin. I knew his bday. When I watched his movies, I pretended my life with him as the girl. My love for him fell when he started dating Demi Moore. Bc I was like personally offended. I had about four trucker hats. God.”

Fooled The Nephews
“I hosted a viewing party for HSM2 and told my nephews Zac Efron was my boyfriend to the point that they believed me. NO ONE WOULD BUY ME THE Z NECKLACE FROM THE MOVIE. I also had a life-sized poster and I only had it for six years…”

You Can Check Her For Rashes
“I once went to a Brad Paisley concert and ran past security to get a front row spot, leaving all my friends for 4 hours. Karma is a bitch though because I left that night with carpet burns on my arm pits from trying to jump on stage to touch him. The carpet burns lasted a week and I couldn’t wear deodorant.”

Baseball Babe
“I made a shirt that said Hank’s Home Girl (for Hank Blalock) and wore it to a game and then confessed my love on live TV.”

Good Ben Hunting
“Oh I drafted out a letter to Ben Afflect God knows how many times, read it aloud to my mother for proofreading, and then ultimately never sent it. We have the same birthday (many years apart) and I thought that was some sort of sign when I was a kid. I thought it Katie Holmes could marry her teenage crush, it could happen for me and Ben. I was 12.”

You’re A Man, Harry Potter
“I would watch this scene over and over again because you could tell his voice had changed and that’s when I became a woman.”

That’s What Makes You Smaaaaaaaart
“It was Easter Weekend 2012 when I realized how obsessed I had become with One Direction. My BFF Aubrey and I had both shared this obsession, so it was nice to have someone to talk to about this – you know, because we were both freshmen in college dying for a British boyband. That summer 96.7 KIISS F.M. here in Austin was doing a radio/email contest for a meet and greet at their Dallas show in June. Being smart college-aged women, we figured we’d outsmart all the tweens and rig the contest. We noticed we could enter the contest more than once using different emails – so we collectively made around 70 new ones (and asked all of our friends to register, too). Needless to say, we won. And it was Aubrey’s Tech email that sealed the deal (her second entry). In June, we went to Gexa pavilion and almost died of a heat stroke but we met 1D. They were so kind and really normal. I hugged Niall and Harry twice, Zayn once and Louis & Liam told me they loved me (they didn’t but security was rushing us to hurry but we made a gesture about how dumb that was).”

God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On Carrie
“I used to kiss my Justin Timberlake posters and call myself Carrie Timberlake and I listened to ‘God Must Have Spent A Little More Time On You’ over and over and would pretend he wrote it for me and it got so bad my mom grounded me from my NSYNC CD for a week. DO NOT JUDGE ME.”

And Then There’s KK
“I met a Holocaust survivor once and fangirled.”

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