NSYNC’s Celebrity Song By Song Breakdown

There was a time, let’s say two days ago because that’s when it happened, where I drank one beer at Texas Roadhouse because that’s where you go when you’re young and single and living in Dallas, and I decided to make a bold statement.

NSYNC’s Celebrity is better than No Strings Attached.

I felt called to declare this because recently it was brought to my attention that No Strings Attached held a bunch of records until Adele came and broke them.

This confused me because I’ve always believed Celebrity was the better album mainly because I hate the song “It’s Gonna Be Me,” which was on No Strings Attached album. r u keeping up.

So because this is now a music blog, I thought we should explore Celebrity track by track. (If anyone finds this blog in the future, I wrote this in the year 2016, 15 years after the album came out because there’s nothing wrong with me.)

This song is honestly still a little confusing because are the boys saying it’s not cool to sing pop music because it most def is. This song was also a little scary because it’s when we learned JT would soon probably go solo. We were happy free confused at the same time, but mainly we just hoped it wouldn’t be a beatboxing career because that part of the song is rough. POP MUSIC VIDEO TRIVIA: Joey isn’t dancing in one of the scenes because he hurt himself like a pansy, so choreographer Wade Robson stepped in and that’s who Britney cheated on JT with. The more you know.

Wow, this song is great because absolutely nobody can relate to it except celebrity men. But besides that, it definitely made fifth grade you mad at whoever the boys were referring to because who would only date JT or Joey just because they were a celebrity??? Wow, is it that Britney bitch, you thought to yourself. I would def be a better girlfriend. Also, why do they sing about cheeses? Is that code for heroin? 

The Game is Over
This song taught me the word invincible after I realized they weren’t singing “invisible” and that’s how I graduated college. Thank u, NSYNC.

It was Boyfriend by Bieber before there was a Boyfriend by Bieber and then they came out with a Nelly remix and shit got real and then the music video featured all of them dancing on cars and shit got realer and then when NSYNC reunited at the VMAs, they sang this song and your damn heart exploded.

The Two of Us
This song is so good I just can’t.

Gone was such a preview of what was to come from JT. We heard him flex his song-writing muscles (wow, great line) and then we saw the video where it was all JT and his big-ass cross tattoo. JT wrote it when Britney was at the hair salon too long and I know you think I made that up, so here’s video proof. Start at the 3-minute mark and then die at how ridiculous JT is and wonder why we ever loved him as much as we did.

Tell Me, Tell Me… Baby
“We were born the same day…” This line ruined many dreams because it made little girls everywhere believe you had to be born Jan. 31 for JT to love you. But we know that’s false because none of his girlfriends were born that day. So. This song is about a girl not wanting to love the NSYNC boys bc that’s realistic.

Up Against The Wall
This song was such a rager song, it’s what you got Dr Pepper drunk off of and what you listened to on Friday nights when you knew you didn’t have school the next day and could stay up late watching Quints on Disney Channel. lolhelpme.

See Right Through You
“Tell me what kind of girl would wanna play me.” HER NAME IS BRITNEY, JT.


Just Don’t Tell Me That
This song says something about how the girl has to be seen at every party at the Playboy Mansion, which is just I don’t even know what to say to that. Is that a thing, NSYNC boys??? Who was Lance dating that had to be seen at every party there???

Something Like You
I always skip this song, so I’m not going to start listening to it now for the sake of this blog.

Do Your Thing
My friends and I used to have deep discussions about what the music video for this song would look like. I pictured the boys playing volleyball on a tennis court, while another friend envisioned horseback riding and another friend thought they would all be blowing bubblegum bubbles. Seventh grade was interesting.

If you are a musician reading this, first god bless you, and second, send me your album so i can review it because this is a music blog now. kind of not kidding bc i think it would be funny. ok bye.

2 thoughts on “NSYNC’s Celebrity Song By Song Breakdown”

  1. I listened to these way too much in my youth, and now I want to listen to their entire collection again… Looks like I'm booked for the rest of the day, I'll tell my secretary to hold my calls.


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