I’m a walking pharmacy

I don’t know how to say this without sounding like a drug-fueled hippie. I also don’t know if that’s a saying, but here we are.

And here’s my purse.

With exactly six pill bottles in my purse at all times. My friend asked me the other day why I haven’t carried the purse she got me and I was like IT CAN’T HOLD ALL MY PILLS. Let’s get to know all my pills, shall we.

B12 Vitamins
Someone at some time told me I needed more B12 in my diet. So instead of actually changing my diet and eating foods and drinking things that contain this, I just went out and bought the cherry-flavored vitamins to do the same thing. I took one and decided I didn’t like it and haven’t been back since. But they are still in my purse. Because lol.

Everyone always needs Advil all the time. It’s good for headaches, cramps, hangovers, etc. Actually, sometimes I take Advil just when I’m feeling a little off because help.

Pepto Bismol

Never know when you’re going to throw up!!!!! These pills are fun because sometimes they turn your tongue black.

I have taken exactly three Lexapro pills in my life before deciding my body didn’t like them, but the pharmacy won’t stop giving them to me. Every time I go, there’s a refill waiting for me and they just give it to me. It’s a burden I’m carrying. In fact, I have so many Lexapro pills that I’m going to start selling them in the girls’ bathroom like the public high school student I am.

These are the pills I actually need to live but I’m not dependent on them at all. I take this anti-depressant every day at lunch and if I don’t, then I become a little cranky.

Herpes pills

HAHA, YA CANKER SORES ARE GREAT. I’ve had canker sores for what seems like months now. There are like two on my tongue and I have no idea why I’m single. Anyway, I know alcohol is bad for them, but I cannot stop drinking for literally one week to heal these sores, so being 25 is great and healthy. It’s also important to note that stress causes herpes simplex and I’m stressed about the Housewives, so the Housewives gave me herpes. Thank you and goodnight.

*I have six pill bottles in my purse at all times and I’m still missing my emergency panic attack pills, so hahahahaha*

One thought on “I’m a walking pharmacy”

  1. I was on 10mg of Celexa for 1 year until I was unemployed and experiencing some major depression as a result. I talked the doc into letting me try Lexapro. It helped but getting a job right around the same time also probably helped. I took Lexapro for close to 3 years and switched back to Celexa due to my temp agency insurance at the time and cost. My dose of Celexa changed to 20mg to equal that of the Lexapro that I was taking and saw no difference in symptoms. That was 2010 it is now 2015 and again I am experiencing some upswings in the anxiety department. I asked my doc if I can go back on Lexapro. He says they are no different and that Forest is just saying so to keep people from using Generic Celexa. If comparing Lexapro vs Celexa, I would say that they work the same way.


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