200th Post

This is my 200th published post.


That means there are plenty of half-ass written posts sitting in my drafts folder that are either not funny enough to post or there is just not enough of a story there.


  • I had this idea for a post about how I’ve never given money to my alma mater, but I’ve given money to Wikipedia because lol, who taught me more?
  • I wanted to write about empathy and how bad I am at it
  • I thought about writing about Adam Levine becoming a dad but couldn’t come up with enough jokes.
  • One time a guy called me mentally sharp and I lol’d for a really long time and tried to come up with a blog post about it, but couldn’t.
  • Why Oktoberfest Is The Worst And Everyone Else is Wrong is an actual blog post title I have in my drafts.
  • I wanted to write about how you’re always trying to disprove your high school self but that sounds serious and hard.

But let’s review what I did hit “publish” on:
I started a rock bottom series
I wrote about Taylor Swift. Here and here and here.
I told everyone that they should be more self-aware.
Dry January killed me.
And then the Housewives really killed me.
I fell in love with Joe.
And fell out of love with Denton and its bros.
I went to Las Vegas.
But didn’t swim.

So now that we’re all caught up, who wants to talk about blogging? LOL? A blog about blogging?? LOL??? Help??? How un-self-aware can I be???

People occasionally ask me about starting their own blog. And I say the same thing: Why are you asking me. Have you seen/read this blog. It’s a disaster.

Future plans:
I’m going to blog the entire season of The Bachelorette and I’m already regretting it. So pray.
That’s the only plan I have so far.

Thanks for reading.


Goodnight and God bless.

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