20 Simple Questions To Answer In The Whataburger Drive-Thru

You have a one-hour lunch break. But will that be enough time to answer all the questions your local Whataburger attendant has for you? Is it???? Can you do it???? Do you have it in you???

Listen. I love a friendly drive-thru salesperson. They make the dreaded waiting-in-my-hot-car-for-a-burger event much more enjoyable. But I’ve been prescribed anti-depressants in fewer questions than ordering a #7 at Whataburger and this is my blog and I want to complain about it.

BUT DO NOT FEAR, AMERICA actually just texas. Here is a handy guide to help you prepare for your next trip to waterburger.

Would you like to try the new spicy bacon wrapped burger with jalepenos and cheddar wrapped in honey butter barbecue sauce?
“No, thank you.”

Well then, what can I get for you today?
“A number 7 with cheese with a Dr Pepper.”
The meal?
“Yeah, I said a number 7.”
Add bacon?
Add jalepenos?
Medium or large?
What drink?
“Dr Pepper”
“Yes, regular.”
Regular or spicy?
“…Let’s go with regular.”
Salt on fries?
How is your day?
“Sigh. It’s fine.
Hot out, right?
“Only getting hotter.”
When was the last time you felt loved?
“Where am I right now?”
Debit or credit?
Pin number?
“Ok, no.”

Have a good day, ok?

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