I Have A Gay Ex-Boyfriend And I Finally Have Permission To Blog About Him

I have spent the past year hoarding a big, big secret. I have a gay ex-boyfriend.

Not many people know this about me except literally everyone I’ve ever talked to. I’ve told family, friends, my Uber driver, my co-workers, God, all the Housewives. Everyone knows.

Except I haven’t been allowed to write about it per request from the actual gay ex-boyfriend. But now I have permission. It’s been one year since he came out to me and I have so many blog ideas in my drafts. Here they are are you ready they’re coming:

My 99-Year-Old Grandmother Survived The Great Depression But I Have A Gay Ex-Boyfriend

Advice My Gay Uber Driver Gave Me For Dealing With The Reality Of Having A Gay Ex-Boyfriend

Today I Cried At Work When I Thought About Having A Gay Ex-Boyfriend

I Told My Boyfriend I Have A Gay Ex-Boyfriend And All He Said Was, ‘It’s Ok’

19 Questions My 99-Year-Old Grandmother Asked Me When I Told Her I Saw My Gay Ex-Boyfriend

I Know My Ex-Boyfriend Is Gay But How Can I Make This About Me

Could My Ex-Boyfriend And Me Be The Next Will & Grace

Brad Paisley And I Are Just Alike: We Both Have Gay Exes

A Timeline Of All The Times My Co-Worker Has Made A Joke About Me Having A Gay Ex-Boyfriend

All Men Are Gay; I Know This Because I Have A Gay Ex-Boyfriend

I Met Up With My Gay Ex-Boyfriend And His Boyfriend At A Gay Bar To Watch Rupaul Drag Race, 2016 Is A Parody

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