Brad Paisley And I Are Just Alike: We Both Have Gay Exes

he had no idea.

Some people you just connect with. Sometimes you meet a person and you’re like wow, we have so much in common. That’s what happened when I read Brad Paisley’s Wikipedia page. Let me explain.

We both are writers

He writes hit songs that are played on the radio for millions of people and I write for a blog called just pmsing dot com that only my father and middle school teacher read. We are both writers!!!!!!!!!!!

We both love my tweets

I love my tweets, Brad Paisley loves my tweets, we both love my tweets. Sometimes he even interacts with them and I also interact with my own tweets. Just two people with so much in common. Wow. Incredible. Ever-changing but staying the same. Moving.

We both went to high school

On Brad Paisley’s Wikipedia page, it states that he went to high school and wow, so did I.

We both love the movie Father of the Bride

Steve Martin. Martin Short. Diane Keaton. Kimberly Williams-Paisley but just Kimberly Williams then. I love that movie. I love the house in the movie. I love Kimberly Williams’ character’s gay fiance in that movie. I love her bushy eyebrows in that movie. I love when the little brother is in charge of valet during the wedding. Man, such a great movie. And Brad Paisley likes it too!!! It’s the movie that made him fall in love with his wife!!!! BP and I would be such great friends. Just sitting and watching Father of the Bride. Man, so much alike.

We both have gay exes

the only pic i could find with BP and a woman who is not his wife sry blake shelton is in it

hahahahahahalolololeloheltehehahahhehe. OH, YEAH! WE BOTH HAVE GAY EXES!!! Just Brad Paisley and I sitting with some beers talking about that time we dated gay people, just laughing up a storm. Hahahaha. It’s so funny, we would say. Man, how did we not see it, he would say. I don’t know, pass the beer, I would say. Hahah, gays, we would say.

That’s all. Thank you.

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