Hot Neighbor Wants Me To Know That He Wants A Fox

this is not Hot Neighbor. this is a random dude on reddit and i blurred out his face. imagine HN instead.

It happened suddenly. It was a normal Sunday night and yet it was everything but normal. Within a second, everything changed.

Approximately 9:20 p.m. Sunday night
My phone lit up with a notification. It was Hot Neighbor. I opened it. I saw a long link. Was it spam. I skimmed the words in the link. I recognized zero of the words. I took a deep breath. I clicked on the link. I closed my eyes.

When I opened them, I saw this:

He typed “wannnnnnt” underneath the link.

I have several questions but there’s only so much Internet space, so I’ll settle on these:
1. Wut.
2. Why did he send me this?
3. Does he want me to buy him said Russian-Siberian Domestic Fox?
4. Does he think I like animals?
5. Does he think I have a connection to getting him said Russian-Siberian Domestic Fox?
6. Can that fox read?
7. Should I read the words in this link?
8. What does Hot Neighbor do on Sunday nights?
9. Would the fox get along with Winston?
10. What does the fox say?

Thank you.

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