I Watched The Amanda Knox Documentary Twice And I Still Have Questions

Yes, you read that right. TWICE. Once alone and then once again with my roommate who paused it every few minutes to go off on slut-shaming. I was like can you not and just watch the documentary.

But I still have questions. That I need answered. Thank you.

I want to write for The Daily Mail?
At one point, the journalist from The Daily Mail being interviewed for the documentary because he covered the case says, “I was just being a journalist. I was just reporting what I had been told. I mean, did you want me to double check everything?” That isn’t an exact quote but in the spirit of bad journalism, I don’t care. This quote is hilarious. Because like????? Journalism 101???? Journalism 1100???? Journalism I???? Principles of Journalism??? #yougetit #journalismclasses. I want to work for The Daily Mail where you don’t have to double check sources because that sounds amazing.

I’m not slut-shaming Amanda, but I am safety-shaming her?
Listen, I know I’m not going to get away with saying, Why was she sleeping with a dude after knowing him for five days because that’s slut-shaming, but can I say hmmm maybe that’s a bad idea considering you’re in a foreign country where you know no one and speak the language barely and now you have a random Italian boyfriend who you love???? Is that safe???? Can I say that????

Why does she say “making love” like an actual murderer?????

don’t follow her she’s not funny

lol, we’re all adults here, Amanda, just say sex like a big girl lol, no one says “making love” unless you’re in a Nicholas Sparks movie, pls, this is uncomfortable. el oh el i’m laughing out of discomfort.

Why did she enter the house when the door was open?????????????????
I am so distraught from this part of it all. If I ever came home to my apartment and the door was open, I would call the police, my parents, my roommate, the National Guard, the Housewives, everyone. No way in HAIL am I stepping inside a house where the door is mysteriously open.

Was kissing outside the murder scene necessary????????????
I do not know how I would act if my roommate was murdered. Maybe I would be sad, maybe I would be angry, confused, happy, free, lonely, etc. I don’t know. BUT WOULD I KISS MY ITALIAN BOYFRIEND OF FIVE DAYS???????????????? IN FRONT OF THE POLICE AND INVESTIGATORS????? LOCK HER UP JUST FOR THAT. I’M NOT MAD.

Who tf is her friend Brett and why is she a female and is she mentally challenged?
At one point in the documentary, it shows (?) a phone call between Amanda and her friend Brett days after the murder. We learn Brett is a female and I’m automatically distraught at that and then I start to think about Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ baby girl, James, and the life she’ll face with that name and then I get sad. BUT ANYWAY. Amanda is talking to Brett and Brett is acting like a gd 13-year-old talking to her big sister. She asks if Raffaele is her boyfriend and if he’s hot. AND THEN AMANDA IS LIKE YEAH BUT I’M SO STRESSED BC MY ROOMMATE WAS MURDERED and Brett is like lol it’s fine YOU’RE IN ITALY AND YOU’RE 20 AND YOU HAVE A HOT ITALIAN BOYFRIEND. That is not word for word but pretty damn close. Honestly, put Brett in prison too. And her parents for that name.

What would my nickname be if my British roommate in Italy was murdered and the media framed me as the murderer?
The Daily Mail found her old Myspace page where Amanda called herself Foxy Knoxy and used that in every article ever and it’s sad until you realize if that happened to me, I would be called PMS and they would frame the articles like I was always PMSing and got mad at my roommate and murdered her.

Remember that Lifetime movie about Amanda Knox starring Hayden P.?

I miss it.

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