Spencer Pratt Q&A, 2016 is Wild

hire me for freelance photoshop work. TY.

This is a series where I ask famous people really stupid questions via Twitter DM. Brad Paisley was the first and now Spencer Pratt is the next victim. If you know someone who is famous, hook your girl up.

Who is Spencer Pratt?

  • Reality TV villain. 
  • Heidi’s husband. 
  • Brody’s best friend. 
  • LC’s enemy. 
  • My favorite person ever.

Y’all. I don’t even know. 2016, man. There was a time when I hated Spencer Pratt. I was team LC. Now I’m older and wiser and I think maybe LC had a stick up her butt??? Anyway, Spencer Pratt is the best thing to ever happen to Twitter. I know this because I follow him. And you should too.

Some gems:

Why should you love Spencer Pratt?

  • He’s funny.

  • He supports journalists.

  • He’s self-aware

  • And he did this for this stupid blog.

I actually have a lot of thoughts about Spencer and reality television and Lauren Conrad and everything. I wonder if Spencer would have been Spencer if Twitter was a thing when The Hills was airing. Or would we have seen past Reality TV Villain Spencer and seen Very Witty Spencer? Or did high school us just think any boy who took away our friends were evil? Was Spencer Bad Chad before Bad Chad was ever a thing? I could ponder this over a glass of pink wine for hours. TY.


PMS: Rescue one person from the dead: Joan Rivers or Bruce Jenner
SP: Bruce

PMS: Maria Menounos or Giuliana Rancic
SP: Maria

PMS: Have you ever drank a beer in the shower?
SP: Not really beer person def wine in the bath tho

PMS: Fave Tay Swift song?
SP: Style

PMS: Fave pop culture moment of 2016
SP: Kim and Taylor beef over snapchat

PMS: Favorite part of being famous?
SP: I wouldn’t know

PMS: AIM screen name back in the day?
SP: Never did the aim thing – I rocked a pager and a payphone

PMS: Secret to happy marriage?
SP: Marry an Angel

PMS: You and Bad Chad from The Bachelor go into business together. What is it for?
SP: Organic grassfed beef

PMS: You can say one thing to Al Roker. What is it?

SP: Lemme get Billy’s ole job

That’s it! Happy 2017! Everyone go buy Spencer’s crystal kit. It’s on sale! I did because I’m a good girl!

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