Amazing Things Found At Walmart Part I

This is a Part I because we went so late at night that apparently half of the store was closed down???? Wow, still so much exploring to do??? But also we all know I probably won’t write a Part II so just live with this, ok????

BUT WOW, have any of y’all ever been to Walmart? I hadn’t until my boyfriend made me go at like 11 p.m. so he could buy 2 percent milk. Honestly, that’s an entire separate blog post, My Boyfriend Drinks 2 Percent Milk, What Other Qualities Make Him A Monster?

text from bf when i ran blog post idea past him hehe


There are some amazing things there and this is your official guide to the Walmart in Addison on Montfort.

There is a thing that will duplicate any key in a matter of seconds

And you get to watch it! It’s like going to a locksmith or whoever makes keys and watching it all work! We duplicated a key and then you get to pick what kind of design you want and I got this kitty cat design! I asked my boyfriend if you could put anything in the machine and it would duplicate it, like cheetos, shoes, him, and he said no. 😦

There’s this thing that will dry your phone if you ever drop it in water

We didn’t try this out but wow! No more rice, amirite. I guess you literally put your toilet water-soaked iPhone in this machine and it will dry it for you and then your phone will be good as new???? I love Walmart????

Cinnamon Cheetos

WOWOWOWOWOWOW. Just when you think Walmart/Cheetos/life couldn’t get any more fantastic, THERE IS A CINNAMON VERSION OF CHEETOS!!!???!!!?!?!?! I didn’t buy this version because I asked my boyfriend if he would buy them for me and he said yes but then also compared me to a child, so then I was sad 😦 so I didn’t get them. 😦

That’s it. Thx for reading. Listen to my podcast.

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