About That Time My Boyfriend And I Got Into An Actual Fight Over Cameron Dallas

Why fight over money, politics, gender stereotypes, when you could fight over a social media star. This is 2017.

Some things just aren’t funny until a whole week later.

And even then, it’s still iffy.

And we didn’t fight over Cameron Dallas, Brad isn’t gay, we more so fought about him and his talent, his fame, his credibility, his self-worth, whether he deserves to be alive, etc.

If you don’t know who Cameron Dallas is, then congrats, you’re older than 12 and you’re not me. If you’re me however, you hear this name a lot and decide you can’t be you and not know who someone a part of pop culture is. So you research.

I’m gonna give you the tl;dr of his bio: He’s a social media celeb who became famous for being an Instagram “model.” Now he manages a thing called MAGCON, which I wrote about here and it’s kind of like Digifest, which I wrote about here. Disclaimer: I did not know who Cameron Dallas was when I went to either events. I don’t even remember if he was there. No one said I was a good journalist.

You find his Instagram.

You find his Twitter.

You find a show literally ALL ABOUT HIM on Netflix.

You live text your thoughts, feelings, emotions about said show to your friend who does not care.

And then you make your boyfriend watch it next time he’s over. He may not love this, but he will find it interesting. We both love all kinds of pop culture, we both love sitting on our asses and watching TV, we both love me, this will be fun.

Narrator: It was not fun.

Within about 2.5 seconds, it was clear Brad was not enjoying himself. My grin was wide. His grin was nonexistent. He begged me to turn it off. I begged him to let me show him one part that I lol’d at. He didn’t let me. But I did it anyway.

i’m sry. also i recorded a video and made this gif bc so funny.

I turned the show off and we went to the food court at Northpark Mall because we fancy. I don’t know who decided to bring the show up, but one of us did, and that person is responsible for:

The Fight That Almost Broke Us 2017.

Brad’s argument: Cameron Dallas is a spoiled brat who doesn’t know what he has. He shouldn’t be complaining about having all this money and all these girls loving him. He doesn’t have any talent. Instagram isn’t an artform.

My argument: You don’t understand 13-year-old girls.

To him, it wasn’t about 13yo girls. It was about the future of the entertainment industry. To me, it was about literal 13yo girls and how they will worship anything and Cameron Dallas will be just like any other teen heartthrob in a few years: coked up on the side of the highway, wondering where his life went wrong. It’s the American dream.

We actually never settled on who was right (me) and who was wrong (him). We did go see La La Land and not once talk during the entire actual movie and I cried like a baby because wow love and dreams are hard. There’s an analogy somewhere in that.

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