My Friends and Spencer Pratt Hate Anna Kendrick Yet My Boyfriend Told Me To Leave Her Alone; Who Do I Choose

Really unpopular opinion: I don’t like Chrissy Teigen Hilary Duff Anna Kendrick.

And all my friends agree with me.

And so does Spencer Pratt.

Long story short: Spencer Pratt hates Anna Kendrick because one time he liked her tweet about The Bachelor and she screenshot it and tweeted that now she has to kill herself. Long story short about my friends: One time a boyfriend of a friend told her his celeb crush was Anna Kendrick and it was hard on the entire friend group.
And anytime you start dating someone new and you find out their celeb crush, it’s an eye into the soul. A crush on Anna Kendrick says so much about a man, I can’t even really get into it bc it’s so deep. Like, oh ok, you like 4 foot 8 girls who weigh 88 pounds and think they’re a cool girl, con-effing-grats.
I actually tried to get her a shot. I bought her book. A whole $26 or some bullshit. And I tried to read it. On an airplane when there’s literally nothing else to do but read SkyMall. And I couldn’t even get through it.
And then there was the Justin Timberlake music video where Anna Kendrick is in it dancing around and lip synching. And honestly, it’s one of JT’s worst songs and I blame Anna for it.
But like every straight man likes her, so it’s hard.

But then something truly awful happened. The Anna plague hit me personally. On the night of Feb. 22, 2017, the straight man I call my boyfriend told me:
“Leave Anna alone.”
I repeat:
“Leave Anna alone.”

So now I have to choose.

Spencer Pratt and my friends or my boyfriend and Anna Kendrick.

Pray for me.

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