I’ve Been Trying To Gain The Approval Of High Schoolers on Twitter And It’s Not Working

I love Twitter. I love the community on Twitter. Anytime I hear someone talk about how awful social media is for teenagers, I understand, but like anything else, there are really, really great things on Twitter.

Twitter provides you with an online community that you might not get IRL or in high school. The people you go to high school with might not be obsessed with Taylor Swift, so you can go online and connect with likeminded people and that is really awesome.

I watch the interactions among high schoolers or among likeminded people every day and I love it. I am amazed by the community and the friendships that blossom online. I watch these people grow up, go off to college, and live their lives.



Ok, let’s back it up.

We all know about my love for Brett Eldredge.

We all know I tried multiple times to get him to tweet me.

We all know I failed.

So upon digging deeper and deeper and discovering his most dedicated fangirls on Twitter, I followed them all and began watching them and tweeting them and let me tell you. They do not care. They are not interested in letting me live vicariously through them.

And I’m offended.

Let’s take a look at all the times I tweeted them and they either didn’t tweet back or hated me:

The time she had something fancy to do and needed fashion help:

didn’t respond. my fashion advice ain’t free.

The time I wanted to chat about ~boyz:

ok yeah but i thot we could have a fun lil convo/debate about it like two schoolgirls

The time I tried to knock down another girl to get closer to this girl:

i do still want tay and brett to date.

The time the entire fandom was angry that Keith Urban won a social media award and I agreed:

she didn’t respond.

The time she wanted help captioning a video she took of Brett at one of his concerts and in it, he bends down and his butt is in the camera, so I told her:

No one gets me.

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