That Time I Met David Cook. Yes, From American Idol

I don’t even know.

Like, I just don’t know.

I was at a soccer game and that for one, is like, why.

And then I was sitting inside because why would I actually sit outside in the Texas heat and watch a soccer game.

I was sitting there, eating a kid’s size nacho plate and looking around when ALL OF A SUDDEN

David Cook walks by.

Now, I don’t know if anyone is impressed by this, but my parents are always v v impressed with my ability to recognize people who I have never met or are disguised or are random (i.e. David Cook). I think it’s just something I’m slightly good at, so they praise it because I have no other talents.

But as I saw David Cook walk by, my brain told my mouth to shout, “DAVID COOK?”

And that’s what happened.

I yelled it in a question form and he stopped and looked at me. It was a look like,

Do I know her

Did we hook up and I never called her back

Should I keep walking

What is going on

It was v v obvious by the look on his face that he has not been recognized since possibly the day he won American Idol.

But he stops and at this point, I am so in shock that David Cook is in front of me and that I had the balls to call out his name.

Then my brain tells my mouth to say, “Oh, hi. You don’t know me. I’m just a fan.”

A fan. A FAN. a fan. afan. a f-a-n.

I am a fan of David Cook’s in that I did vote for him for American Idol and I did download his version of Eleanor Rigby on my iPod Nano.

So, yeah, I’m a fan.

(I’m so much of a fan I could have actually sworn he lost his AI season to the other David, but I just googled it and I’m wrong. So, yeah, No. 1 fan here.)

I shake his hand and then I meet his friend who he is with and then I ask him why he’s in Frisco, Texas at a soccer game. He says it’s for a friend’s Bachelor party.

(I also just googled that he’s from Houston, so yeah, No. 1 fan here.)

And then that was it. I asked him for a picture and then said my goodbye.

It all happened so fast, I didn’t even have a chance to ask him anything slash like what the hell do you ask an American Idol winner from like 2007.

That’s all. That’s my story. I will say I think about this moment when David Cook asked out Kim Caldwell on national TV at least once every three months.

So, yeah, I’m a fan.

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