Call Me Vogue; I Have 73 Questions For You, Gigi Hadid

I don’t know if you’ve seen Gigi Hadid’s 73 Questions video thing Vogue does for all of their cover stars, but I have and I have something to complain about.

One of the 73 questions is ‘what are your top 10 favorite Taylor Swift songs’ and Gigi Hadid rattles off these songs:

dear john
stay stay stay
forever and always
how you get the girl
this love
begin again
long live
tim mcgraw
better man

And I am flabbergasted. I’m appalled. Disgusted. Wow.

Dear John is a fine song. Stay Stay Stay is a horrible song. Forever and Always is good and about Joe Jonas, who Gigi also dated. How You Get The Girl is ok. Clean is good. This Love is NOT GOOD. Long Live is fine. Tim McGraw is the only good song on the list. Better Man is juvenile.

And Begin Again is Taylor Swift’s worst song she’s ever written do not @ me

I have a very good well thought-out theory that all the Grammy voters were in one room listening to the album Red deciding if it should be named Album of the Year and they were all for it until the very last track on the album, Begin Again, started playing. And then they decided against it because it is not only the worst song Taylor Swift has ever written, but it’s the worst song ever written, I’m a music critic now.

Seriously, Gigi likes some of Taylor’s worst songs, so I have 73 questions for you, Gigi.

1. have u ever heard blank space
2. have u ever heard wildest dreams
3. have u ever heard fearless
4. have u ever heard stay beautiful
5. have u ever heard sad beautiful tragic
6. have u ever heard red
7. have u ever heard state of grace
8. have u ever heard treacherous
9. have u ever heard i knew you were trouble
10. have u ever heard mine
11. have u ever heard sparks fly
12. have u ever heard speak now
13. have u ever heard mean
14. have u ever heard change
15. have u ever heard the way i loved you
16. have u ever heard 22
17. have u ever heard fifteen
18. have u ever heard tied together with a smile
19. have u ever heard picture to burn
20. have u ever heard should’ve said no
21. have u ever heard teardrops on my guitar
22. have u ever heard our song
23. have u ever heard mary’s song
24. have u ever heard cold as you
25. have u ever heard a place in this world
26. have u ever heard hey stephen
27. have u ever heard love story
28. have u ever heard you belong with me
29. have u ever heard breathe
30. have u ever heard tell me why
31. have u ever heard the best day
32. have u ever heard white horse
33. have u ever heard back to december
34. have u ever heard the story of us
35. have u ever heard never grow up
36. have u ever heard enchanted
37. have u ever heard haunted
38. have u ever heard last kiss
39. have u ever heard ALL TOO WELL
40. have u ever heard we are never ever getting back together
41. have u ever heard the last time
42. have u ever heard sad beautiful tragic
43. have u ever heard the lucky one
44. have u ever heard everything has changed
45. have u ever heard starlight
46. have u ever heard welcome to new york
47. have u ever heard style
48. have u ever heard out of the woods
49. have u ever heard all you had to do was stay
50. have u ever heard bad blood
51. have u ever heard shake it off
52. have u ever heard i wish you would
53. have u ever heard new romantics
54. have u ever heard wonderland
55. have u ever heard i know places
56. have u ever heard highway don’t care
57. have u ever heard you are in love
58. have u ever heard the track where she explains how she wrote blank space
59. have u ever heard the track where she explains how she wrote i wish you would
60. have u ever heard the track where she explains how she wrote i know places
61. have u ever heard ours
62. have u ever heard if this was a movie
63. have u ever heard superman
64. have u ever heard haunted acoustic
65. have u ever heard jump then fall
66. have u ever heard today was a fairytale
67. have u ever heard come in with the rain
68. have u ever heard the moment i knew
69. have u ever heard come back be here
70. have u ever heard girl at home
71. have u ever heard i’d lie
72. have u ever heard until brad pitt comes along
73. have u ever heard the original sparks fly version

i am so so sorry.

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