Introducing the Taco Bueno Wholotta Tailgate Box

is this an awkward photo of me, say no
Football season is here and that is exciting because I hate football, but I love going to parties and eating other people’s food.

And now with Taco Bueno’s Wholotta Tailgate Box, stealing sharing food is so easy and so fun.

What comes in the Wholotta Tailgate Box:

  • 8 Crispy Beef Party Tacos or 8 Chicken or Beef Taquitos, 
  • 4 large bags of chips
  • 5 large dips, including queso, refried beans, jalapeño ranch, firehouse salsa and Taco Bueno’s signature red salsa.

i got the guac for free for ordering from ubereats, don’t get excited
I had never had their taquitos before, but I was pleasantly, pleasantly surprised, which isn’t actually surprising because everything at Taco Bueno is delicious.
And the jalepeño ranch was delicious. If you’ve never dipped tortilla chips in ranch dressing before, you are missing out, but Taco Bueno’s jalepeño ranch is 10 times better than any ranch from a grocery store, so 10/10 would recommend again and again.
This box is the perfect centerpiece for a gameday party, in which you invite me to, where I can eat it all and occasionally yell at the TV to support the boys playing ball.
And I have a $25 gift card to Taco Bueno to give away, so comment on this blog, like actual blog, not Facebook, and tell me how long you’ve loved Taco Bueno and also your favorite part about me.
I will announce the winner at 7 p.m. CT Wednesday.

This is a sponsored post but I actually really do love Taco Bueno.

11 thoughts on “Introducing the Taco Bueno Wholotta Tailgate Box”

  1. Taco Bueno is the marshmallows in my Lucky Charms. My fav thing about Paige is her vacuum. *was her vacuum until she moved. My least fav part is when I needed to buy my own vacuum


  2. I've loved taco bueno longer than I've loved you, which is at least 12 years now. My favorite thing about you is the fact the we are secretly long lost cousins, and BOOBS.


  3. I've loved Taco Bruno since college, because that's some quality shit compared to Taco Bell AND I love that you went after blogging and being yourself while at it. ❤️ – Joan Khalaf


  4. I've been a Bueno boy from the get-go. The wholelotta platter is my jam. My favorite part about you is that you're a social media influencer with sponsored Mexican food content. You're living my dream.


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