Wearing LipSense Is An Experience And I’m Here For It

I started wearing lipstick about a year ago, I’m a real adult woman, who just started wearing makeup on the lips when she was 25, but please take me seriously as an adult.

My lips are thin (i want lip fillers, help me) so I just didn’t think I could pull off lipstick but then I just put on my big girl panties and said I deserve to be happy and I deserve lipstick.

So now I own like 6 Kylie Lip Kits and I don’t want to hear it.

But we’re not here to talk about Kylie Lip Kits — WHICH BTW DRY TF OUT OF YOUR LIPS — we are here to talk about LipSense which is just an experience.

A former sorority sister (YES I WAS IN A SORORITY) reached out to me about trying LipSense and I was like hokay.

You know how all those direct marketing things feel weird sometimes and you’re like canunot so I was v interested to try this out.

Kristin helped me pick out a color (Praline Rose) and she sent me everything, including the color, the gloss, the remover, and the lip scrub.

i said don’t get me a bright red i ain’t no hollerback girl

I read the instructions on how to apply for like the first time in my life and also the ‘what to expect’ — INCLUDING THAT IT MAY TINGLE SO THAT’S COOL.

I put on the lip color and honest to god it did tingle but you know I kind of like that??? lol?? Because when things tingle or hurt, I feel like it tells the brain that something is happening and something is working. In the little pamphlet, it says that there is SD40 in it and it is killing bacteria, which is nice considering I drink out of the same dirty cup weeks in a row. Thanks, LipSense. I needed this.

So I coated a few layers on in the same direction and then applied my lip gloss on after. And I live for the gloss aspect of this. You know how Kylie Lips Kits are hella cute but your lips physically hurt because it dries them out??? Not the case with LipSense. And you know how lip gloss was only cute in 2003?? I actually think a nice gloss over your colored lip is fine and it makes it feel nice, so I really don’t care.

So I did all this and went on my way to StyleCon. And then went and drank Frosés. And the LipSense stayed on the entire time.

name three things cuter than my acne. i’ll wait.

me eating a think thin bar, lipsense in tact.

If you want to buy and try out a LipSense for yourself, pls do Kristin a solid and buy from her here.

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