I Want Candice Romo To Post More Instagram Pictures

WE DON’T DESERVE HER. pic via dallas cowboys on twitter.

I want Candice Romo to post more Instagram pictures. I know what you’re thinking: Why? That is a good question and I’m here to answer it.

Candice Romo has a great face. She also has great style. She’s also married to Tony Romo, but I don’t care about that. She’s also Chace Crawford’s sister, which I care about a little.

I want Candice Romo to post more Instagram pictures because I like looking at her. One time she was a judge on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team and I know I was supposed to look at the half-naked dancers auditioning, but I wanted to look at Candice Romo. When she had her few seconds of screen time, it was spent talking about how she once peed while running cross-country and I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to know more. I wanted to keep looking at her while she talked about peeing her pants.

One time I found a picture of Candice Romo wearing platform sneakers and I couldn’t look away. The look was not something I had seen by a Dallas socialite before. Usually my Instagram is filled with riding boots and white fingernails by similar white women. But Candice Romo was unique. I needed more. I searched for her Instagram and when I found it, I thought it wasn’t real. How could someone so pretty be so not vein? Why aren’t there more pictures of her face on her Instagram, the social media platform of posting pictures of faces?

Right now Candice Romo’s Instagram is filled of pictures of her husband, Tony Romo, who is a retired football player I do not care about, and her three sons, whose names I don’t know. Sometimes she posts pictures of her perfect symmetric face and her long blonde beach waves and her white smile. But sometimes isn’t enough.

Her Instagram has zero pictures of her wedding with Tony Romo, who I do not care about, but I still would like to see pictures from their day. But one time she did post a picture of Tony Romo with Justin Timberlake, but she wasn’t in it. Why? Are there not enough pictures of Tony Romo and Justin Timberlake on the internet? Not together of course. But they have enough attention and recognition. Why didn’t Candice Romo hand the camera to someone else and get in the picture with them? I would like to see her face.

I want Candice Romo to post more Instagram pictures. Thank you.

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