No Celebrity Feud Will Ever Top Kelly Ripa Vs. Clay Aiken, And I Fully Believe That

this moment haunts me.

Are you ever just driving down the highway when all of a sudden the memory of Kelly Ripa vs. Clay Aiken floods your mind and you can’t stop thinking about it?

Because it happens to me easily once every two months.

For all my young lads reading this who didn’t know Kelly Ripa and Clay Aiken once feuded (mainly talking to Augusta Neal because she’s going to text me in 7 seconds and tell me she didn’t know), let’s start from the beginning.

Once on Live With Regis and Kelly, Regis was far away on vacation. To fill his void, former American Idol runner-up Clay Aiken stepped in for the day as Kelly’s co-host. While the two were interviewing Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke after their DWTS win, Kelly kept asking questions, barely letting Clay get in a question. This is not bitchy because Kelly typically has to carry the show when a guest co-host is in. Clay did not like that Kelly was talking so much and he wasn’t. When Kelly went to ask another question, Clay put his hand over her mouth. Kelly did not like this.

Please just watch.

What happened after this was just the best. Rosie O’Donnell went on The View and said that if Clay Aiken wasn’t a flaming homosexual, then Kelly wouldn’t have been upset.

This is funny because Clay was not out of the closet yet slash is he even now? I really don’t know. Kelly then calls into The View and verbally chews out Rosie and says she loooooves gay people.

2006 was a simpler time.

Regis comes back and Kelly explains why she got so mad and it was because of #germs and #shehassmallchildren and #germs. Regis basically tells her she’s dumb and overreacting and I hate Regis. I don’t know if Clay ever responded because I do not care about Clay.

This is just the best feud to ever happen because it’s like wut?????????????

I love Kelly Ripa and if Kelly Ripa does not like someone (i.e. her former co-hosts, Regis, Michael Strahan, Clay Aiken), then I don’t like Regis, Michael Strahan, and Clay Aiken.

I love Kelly Ripa and I truly love that she now loves her new co-host, Ryan Seacrest. And I hate everyone else, mainly Clay Aiken.

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