Why Does Everyone Hug Wrong

A lot of people hug wrong. I, however, hug right. Let me explain.

If I see you and we are friends, then yes, we can hug. In fact, let’s hug. But it’s important you hug right. I’ve learned some people hug like they are in the seventh grade in front of a youth pastor and are scared to touch chests. Side hugs are for Duggars and side hugs are wrong. Let me explain.

When you side hug, what are we supposed to do with our heads? When you side hug, the two people’s heads bonk and it hurts. However, when you hug right (chest to chest), typically natural gravity or common sense or god leads the people’s heads to the right (correct) direction (same direction for both people but because you are facing each other, it’s opposite), it feels right. But when you hug wrong (side hug), heads bonk together and you feel like an awkward seventh grade Duggar again.

Let me say this again. If you simply put out one arm to hug me, you are wrong. A correct hug is done when you use both arms and embrace me and our chests touch. This is a right hug. Why Does Everyone Hug Wrong, However?

I am hesitant to bring this up because I don’t want to see someone I know sometime soon and for them to bring this blog up. “Did I hug you right,” I can already hear them saying to me. But I hope they did hug me right in this made-up scenario where people read my blog.

But why do people hug wrong? I would like to know. Thank you.

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