All The Questions My Boyfriend Asked While Watching 30 Minutes of The Parent Trap

What kind of f**ked up parents would do this (not tell their daughter that she had a twin)?

I mean, seriously, why?

Does she (Chessie) know the other twin exists?

Do you find it odd they dressed the gingers in yellow?

She (The mom, Natasha) died in a skiing accident, right? Sad.

Isn’t it odd they (Chessie and Martin) are attracted to each other?

Do you think he’s (Dennis Quaid) putting all his cards on the table and she’s not?

Look at that smile. I wonder if he (Dennis Quaid) was ever considered for the Joker?

Did that character (Meredith Blake) actually think that was gonna work (telling Dennis Quaid to pick between her and his daughters)?

Do you think I’m thinking too much for this family movie?

Why couldn’t they kiss right then (in Dennis Quaid’s basement with the wine)?

Did you (Natasha) think the twin got on the plane by herself?

Why are they (Dennis Quaid and Dead Natasha) being such ******* (they are kissing)?

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