That Time I Met Tom Fletcher From McFly — Let Me Explain

tom fletcher is v small, i have in no way gained any weight ty

This is kind of like the time I met David Cook while at a soccer game, but different.

I do not mean to brag, but I am v v v good at faces. And recognizing people. Someone just told me that I could be a super recognizer, which I didn’t know existed, but she says she’s going to send me a test to see if I am. But, like, I am.

I know I am good at recognizing people, but my parents are, like, super impressed with this trait of mine.

All the people I’ve recognized while they were out of their element:
Oral Hershiser at Neimans
Howard Stern in Central Park
David Cook at a soccer game
Sean Lowe at Snuffer’s
Thad Levine in a Minnesota airport
Mike Rawlings in Adairs
now that i type all of these out, it doesn’t look impressive, but my parents think im a super genius, ok

And now Tom Fletcher in Disney World.

Let me explain.

Tom Fletcher was/is (?) the lead singer of this English band McFly. I, and my two friends Amy and Erica, were obsessed with McFly in high school. We discovered them because they appeared in the Lindsay Lohan/Chris Pine movie Just My Luck (this was also where I fell in love with Chris Pine).

McFly sang these British pop/rock songs that sound kind of like Queen (that’s what my boyfriend says, don’t @ me). We were obsessed. Bought all there albums. Watched every single YouTube video of them that existed. Saw Just My Luck in theaters like three times. It’s fine, 16 is hard.

They never made it big in America. I think Just My Luck was their closest brush with fame and that is say a lot because absolutely no one has seen it, EVEN THO THAT’S WHEN LINDSAY LOHAN LOOKED HER BEST, MY FATHER ARGUES MEAN GIRLS LINDSAY WAS THE BEST, BUT HE IS WRONG. In fact, McFly has a song about LL herself and 10/10 would recommend.

So fast forward to present day when I was at Disney World with my parents, LOL, I’M 27 🙂

We were sitting outside our hotel’s restaurant, eating mediocre pizza while I scanned the premises. I’m an off-duty FBI agent sometimes, don’t @ me.

I turned behind me and saw a guy leaning down with his toddler. That looks like Tom Fletcher. OK, that has to be Tom Fletcher.

I look on Twitter and see Tom Fletcher is at Disney World. I drop my phone and declare to my parents that Tom Muthaeffing Fletcher from McFly is here.

My dad immediately knows who I’m talking about because like I said, all I talked about. 16 was gr8.

So I asked my dad to come with my to take my picture with him.

We walk over and patiently watch him as he continues to play with his toddler. When he finally turns around, I say, “Tom?”

He looks at me v v confused. LIKE I SAID, HE’S A NOBODY IN AMERICA.

Everyone around us is looking at us.

I introduce myself, tell him I’m a big McFly fan, and ask for a picture. He says yes, let me go put my toddler down. He still seems a little weirded out????

Then he comes back, takes a picture with me, all I can think to say is, I’m a huge McFly fan (I DON’T EVEN KNOW IF THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER, BUT I AM A BIG FAN).

My dad takes the picture and as we’re departing (not a long interaction, people), my dad says, “Little Joanna is my favorite!”

Little Joanna is a McFly song and honestly, he’s not wrong.

Little Joanna lyrics: Little Joanna’s like a laser beam sky//Gluteous Maximus like a fire fly//And that’s why I’m a kissaphobic//Where cellulite dreams were made//Like lemonade


That’s all. I tweeted Tom the picture. He didn’t RT or like it, so like, I guess his American fans don’t mean that much to him ok

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