A Review of the 44 Chris Pratt YouTube Videos I’ve Watched The Last Week

It’s not that I’m proud, but I’m also certainly not ashamed.

All I know is one day I woke up and couldn’t stop thinking about Chris Pratt. Where did he come from? Was he really homeless at one point? How long were him and Anna married? Did he cheat on Anna? Is he a Christian? Who is he going to date next? Is he really that hot? I wonder if Passengers is good?

2014 was simple

And then I proceeded to watch 44 YouTube videos of Chris Pratt being interviewed, Jennifer Lawrence being interviewed about him, Anna Farris being interviewed about him, and one video where both Chris Pratt and Will Arnett are being interviewed.

Here they all are, ignore the Miranda Sings one, thanks. (I still have many questions about Chris Pratt, but that’s a separate post.)

the middle video was the only good one.

none of these were good.

this one was cringeworthy bc of the reporter

the last one was funny hehe

chris pratt interviewing margot robbie is a must-see

chris pratt bought anna faris a giant diamond a year before they broke up wow

neither are greay

first one is pretty good, last one is weird

neither are good, but i still watched

last one is weird and awkward

the chelsea interview is v funny

none of these are good including the miranda video no offense

he barely flirts, so the middle is a lie

this one is so great, we don’t deserve billy eichner

my bf once told me abby elliott got fired from snl for not being funny and i believe it

the last one is so great

ok this one is sad but also funny and sweet

wouldn’t recommend either


I still have never seen Passengers, but I know everything about it, thx.

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