Things I Have Learned From Dating A Comedian

follow me lol

And by things I’ve learned, I mean things he’s ruined for me, wow this is fun, less go.

SNL is ruined
Brad and I can agree on approximately three television shows to watch — Shark Tank, Parks and Rec, and SNL. When we watch SNL together, he tells me things like:

  • “The fact they have Alec Baldwin doing their Donald Trump impressions means they don’t have faith in their own cast.”
  • “These skits where it’s celebrity impression after celebrity impression are lazy because they don’t take a lot of writing.”
  • SNL cannot end a skit to save their lives.”

Do you see? SNL is ruined for me now. Now when I watch SNL, I look at Brad at the end of skit and say, “Was that good?” and “Was that a good ending?” and “Is it just me or does Pete Davidson not belong on this show?” and other things that I shouldn’t be thinking about when enjoying a nice lil live sketch comedy show.

A few scenes in Parks and Rec are ruined
I can’t remember the scenes but there were a few scenes in Parks and Rec where they kept referring to past episodes and Brad was all, “Wow, why do they keep referring to old episodes? The writers must have gotten notes to remind the audience about the storyline” and I was like wow, you just ruined this entire series for me, thank u.

Comedy isn’t funny anymore
I think Brad is v funny, I think everyone should go to one of his shows, he’s the best. But now that I understand how jokes are formed, they aren’t funny anymore. I’m not sure if I ever laughed at stand-up before, but now no one is funny. I only laugh at John Mulaney, Brad LaCour, Daniel Tosh, Billy Eichner, Miranda Sings, Wendy Williams, my own twitter and that’s it.

For example, I was at one of Brad’s shows and this comic before him was telling a joke about pedophilia and idk if it’s because im a genius or what, but I saw the punchline coming from literally a mile away. So I started laughing before the punchline and the comic got mad and i was like at least im laughing at something ur saying???????????????????? bc ur not funny????????????? brad has ruined comedy for me.

date a comedian. it’s fun.

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