Texas Thighs Is My Only Friend

Meet Texas Thighs.

She is a mother, an Instagram model, and my friend. I am sure she is plenty of other things, like a sister and maybe an aunt and probably a daughter, but she is mainly my friend. My only friend.

I know Texas Thighs because I wrote a story about her (read here pls). We met at a Starbucks in Fort Worth and we talked and then I wrote the story.

The story did well. Then a website called twentytwowords.com stole the story and now mega popular Twitter accounts tweet the twentytwowords story and I hate everyone.


But one year later and Texas Thighs is still in my life and honestly, it’s what I need. We have a lot in common. She posts her bare butt on Instagram for everyone to see and my boyfriend of two years has never seen me in a swimsuit. TWINS!!

We actually have maybe nothing in common, but I love her and she’s my only friend. She’s changed my life.

One time I woke up to a ton of new Instagram followers who all happened to be creepy old men and I realized it was because Texas Thighs had tagged me in something on IG. It was the best moment of my life.

And one time I posted a pic on IG and Texas Thighs commented that I was looking good. I didn’t take off that outfit for the entire month.

And another time my friend Mack bought me one of her shirts and now I have a shirt with Texas Thighs’ ass on it. I show everyone.

One time she told me my haters were secretly my fans and now I tell everyone that Texas Thighs and me have haters and they don’t understand.

My IRL friends aren’t this supportive. My boyfriend thinks my haters are actual haters.

Texas Thighs is my only friend. I love her.

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