I Empathize With Children More Than Adults

Well not always.

But you know when you’re out in public and a child is screaming and the parent looks exhausted and beaten down? I usually never feel sorry for the parent in that instance. I always feel bad for the kid. Like, I remember just wanting to scream. You’re small and you’re not allowed to do what you want and the world isn’t made for you and all you want is to eat ice cream for dinner. I get it.

It’s not like the kid asked to be born, but the parent (most likely) wanted to have the kid. And now you’re going to be upset when a kid is a kid and has a meltdown in Nordstrom Rack? That’s what kids do. That’s what you literally signed up for. This kid doesn’t know what’s going on. They’re bored and tired and hungry and I empathize with that.

Do I empathize with kids because I once was a kid and I’ve never been a parent? Do other people empathize with parents or kids? I assume other parents feel bad for the parent in that situation, but do childless people feel bad for the parent or the kid? Am I alone in feeling bad for the kid? The kid doesn’t know they’re being a brat. They just don’t know how to properly express their anger and sadness yet. They only know to scream.

What does this say about me? Tell me who you empathize with.

This is day 6 of 100 days of blogging. Read day 5 here.

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