Why Do I Keep Watching The Gong Show?

There is this show on television (idk wut network dont come for me) that is called The Gong Show. Will Arnett produces it and the first episode was nothing short of brilliant.

Brad introduced me to the show, which is basically a bad talent show. The first episode had Will Arnett and Zack Gallifnakis (idk spelling) as judges and someone else. I think the Asian guy from Hangover? One of the acts was a couple that chewed up bananas and spit them in each other’s mouths. Mike Myers is the host of the show, but he’s playing a different character named Tommy. All of it was a perfect storm for an amazing first episode.

The Gong Show is also how I fell in love with Will Arnett. Since watching that first episode, I have gone on to watch hundreds of Will Arnett interviews on YouTube, his entire Netflix series (which is not good) and a ton of episodes of Arrested Development.

But ever since that first episode, everything is bad. The Gong Show isn’t funny anymore. You can tell when the acts are real and when they’re just random people off the street doing something stupid on stage to fill time.

But I keep watching it. Brad keeps watching it. It’s one of the only shows we can agree on. Why. Why is life like this. I know life isn’t fair, but damn, this one is hard.

This is day 14 of 100 days of blogging. Read day 13 here.

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