What My Beto Dreams Mean For The Election

Hello!!!! This is a political blog now!!! Can you believe it!!!!

I spend most of my time thinking about Beto O’Rourke. Isn’t he tired? Isn’t his wife tired? Also Isn’t he tired?

I also spend a lot of my time looking through his Instagram account. Who is running it? What is the goal? I also like to go through who likes each photo to see which one of my friends also enjoys Beto. I also like to comment “Daddy” on some of the photos. 10/10 would recommend these activities if you can’t sleep.

Because I spend so much time thinking about and looking at Beto before sleepy time, of course I have had a few dreams about him.

Let’s review them.

First Dream
I cannot remember the first dream I had about him. That sucks.

What this means: Things are forever, memories are fleeting.

Second Dream
The second dream I was like working on his campaign??? lol??? And I went back to his house???? But like not like that. He invited me back to his place and we drove home in his car and his kids were in the backseat being very vulgar and vile and I was like y’all are politician kids???? You can’t cuss??? Beto just laughed. Then people from high school showed up in the dream and then it became a nightmare.

What this means: Beto would think I am funny.

Third Dream
In my third dream, we were at a family reunion and Beto was there being Beto?? Trying to upstage my uncle who is an astronaut, lol. My sister and I were fighting over him and when it was time for him to leave, my sister walked him out and I was mad. But when she came back inside, she said he called her by my name, so ultimately I won.

What this means: Beto would never choose between me and my sister if someone made him.

That’s all, thank u, next.

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