My Friends Think I’m A Carrie; My Boyfriend Thinks I’m A Charlotte

Wow, remember Sex And The City? That show was really good until you turn about 25 and then suddenly, you’re like, wait, this show is v v bad?????

Carrie, a SEX columnist, is like comically closed-minded. Remember when she didn’t believe you could be bisexual? And remember that time Samantha slept with a black guy and the entire episode was black jokes. And remember that time she didn’t want to get on Berger’s motorcycle bc of her ugly hairdo. WOW. What a horribly great show.

Anyway, one time my friends and me and my boyfriend got to discussing which character I am most like. Everyone is someone. There are only four types of women in the world and you must fit into one of them.

So, let’s review the women.

There’s Carrie. She’s the writer and who the entire show is based around. She has two great loves, Aiden and Big. Aiden is sweet and amazing and Big is supposed to be the dick, but really when you watch it with an older eye, you realize Big wasn’t a dick; Carrie was just a nut.

Then there’s Miranda. She’s the cynic and doesn’t believe in soulmates. She has a great line in the series about men and their lights. When men decide they’re ready to get married, their light will come on and then they’ll pick a woman and marry her. Doesn’t mean they like her.

Samantha is the one who sleeps with every male in New York. Her boss. Her intern. Man on the street. A priest. She dates this really hot actor at the end of the series but dumps him because he wants a relationship.

And finally Charlotte. She’s the prude and the one who believes in true love and all she wants is to get married and have babies.

Brad, my boyfriend, is hellbent on the fact that I’m a Charlotte.

My friends believe I’m a Carrie.

If I had a say, I would say I’m a hybrid between Carrie and Miranda. Remember that scene where the four of them are at brunch and Carrie asks if any of them have read her column and none of them had? That is my life. Every day.

But then I think I’m a Miranda because sometimes I just like truly cannot with the things my friends believe and say.

But to find out for sure I took five quizzes from five different websites. Let’s see what they say.

Buzzfeed: Miranda

Cosmo: Miranda
BrainFall: Carrie
MagiQuiz: Carrie
EW: Carrie
So there you have it. Three out of five websites think I’m a Carrie and the other two believe I’m a Miranda. But I am NOT a Charlotte. Only Brad thinks I’m innocent.

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