I Moved To LA

In April. But this blog is in July. OK, it’s August. I started writing this post in July and then got bored and fell asleep and now it’s August and I can’t sleep, so I will try again.

I just looked and I didn’t blog any of June or July, which is the first time I have gone two whole months not blogging. Someone take away my blogging license!!! I haven’t been blogging because every single ounce of creative energy in my body goes toward writing for money because right now that’s the only way I make money. So blogging for free is my last priority and considering approximately zero people have asked me about my blog, I’m guessing y’all are fine and this blog is simply something I create to put out into the void of the world wide web!!!!!!!

Back to LA. On one hand it feels like I’ve been here forever because when I think back to the first week I was here, it feels like a century ago. Isn’t that fascinating? Like when someone says, oh man, I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since I graduated high school, and you’re like, cool! Neat!

But I’m sure all of y’all are DYING to know what I’ve been up to, so let’s do the damn thing!!!!

Car got totaled
This was the worst morning ever. My car got towed and I thought it was because I had violated some parking rules. But when I got to the tow place and the nice man walked me out to my car, I saw a completely ruined car. I cried. A lot. The nice man called me Texas and told me to call my insurance. I did. Car ended up being totaled. I didn’t cry when they told me that but I did have a small panic attack.

I’ve lost weight maybe?
Not sure because the only time I weigh myself is when I go to the doctor, but my friends keep telling me I look thinner. Actually, at one of the Airbnbs we stayed at, there was a scale in the bathroom, so I did weigh myself and then I called my doctor to ask what my past weights were and I hadn’t lost any weight, but I guess I look thinner? DIET TIP: BE POOR. YOU WON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO GORGE ON FOOD!!!! LIFE HACK, BABES!!!

Got called a whore on public transit
What more do you need to know? Old man who I assume was high or drunk. Called me a whore.

I live in a 450-square-foot studio apartment that costs $1,400 a month
People tell me that’s cheap for LA.

Got published places
Here and here and here and here.

Edit: I was supposed to link to articles every time I wrote “here” but like who has the energy. Just follow me on Twitter.

Discovered so many great outdoor malls
The Grove and Americana at Brand are my places. I love malls. Brad does too. We love going to malls together. I buy things and he just walks around. At Americana at Brand, there’s a patio outside the Barnes and Noble overlooking the mall and sometimes we go out there and just sit and argue about whether it would be awesome or horrible to live in the apartments above the mall. Then I tell him about my plans to write a book. And then he tells me what books I need to buy to learn about writing a book and I’m all, ugh, I hate reading!!!!!

Met one of my favorite YouTubers
Kristin Johns. I love her. Look it up. She has a baby voice but eventually you get used to it and learn to love it. Anyway, I interviewed her husband and when I went to meet her husband, she was there. I didn’t take a photo.

Saw JoJo Siwa and Liza Koshy in Target in Hollywood
Saw Liza Koshy first. Didn’t take a photo. Then a few weeks later I saw JoJo Siwa. Didn’t take a photo. Going to the Target in Hollywood and scouting for celebs and just observing them is my new hobby.

Update: Today Ed Helms ran right past me!!!!

Went to VidCon and cussed everyone out there
It’s a whole highlight on my Instagram. The people loved the content. Looking to become an IG star any day now.

Lived without air conditioning
Sometimes the weather in LA hits like 90 degrees, which is hot, but like I’m from Texas lol, i’m fine, but when there’s no air conditioning in your tiny apartment and you use the oven to cook everything, things get hot!

And a dishwasher
No dishwasher in this tiny apartment. I watched a YouTube video on how to hand wash your dishes and then bought a dish rack and then sent it to my home in Garland, so now I just lay out wet dishes on a 70 cent dish rag from IKEA.

Slept on an air mattress
This was awful and it deflated within like the first week. Hips touched the ground. They quickly became sore. It was awful.

Got kicked out of an Airbnb
This one probably deserves it’s own post. Like and comment if you want that, babes!

Felt really lonely
I don’t really know anyone in LA except for Brad. So I get lonely sometimes. Wow! This blog post is so raw. I am so brave for opening up about my loneliness. I refrain from sharing the #sad moments on the blog because my mom has been known to put me on suicide watch and it’s like mom, I don’t have time for that!

Felt really happy
But on the flipside, I’ve felt really happy at times! You know how the heat never breaks in Texas? It does in LA. So sometimes around like 7 p.m., Brad and I will walk to the grocery store and the weather is so nice and lovely, I almost forget about the homeless man smoking something out of an empty juice carton a few feet away from me.

Excited to wake up
I don’t necessarily mean I wasn’t excited to wake up before, but starting over in a new town with freelance writing is really exciting for me! Exclamation mark! Let me brag about my life for a second and make you feel bad about yours! It’s the internet! Right now, I’m enjoying waking up and seeing if any editors responded to my pitches. That might sound lame, but it’s the truth. Writing is truly the only thing I really really love and I know how lucky I am to get to do what I want to do. I was the opposite of excited to go to work in Dallas and I know eventually this excitement will wear off, but I’m happy to ride it out.

Discovered Tilamook ice cream
Leaving Texas meant leaving Tex Mex and other things I can’t think of right now because all I can think of is Tex Mex. And Blue Bell! Occasionally, while Brad and I are in a grocery store, he’ll trick me by saying, omg, look, there’s Blue Bell! And I fall for it every time and there never is. But there is Tilamook! It’s a dairy brand and we’ve tried all its ice cream flavors and it is so so so good. Better than Blue Bell? I’m not sure!

Got in the ocean
And then parts of a dead bird washed up on my feet, so I went back to my towel! But the ocean! Beautiful.

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