Never Watch The Original Grease Again

My iTunes says I have watched Grease Live 19 times, but I know it’s more than that. I watched it the night it premiered on FOX on Jan. 31, 2016. I watched it the next day. I watched at least three times that next week. And I watch it almost every day I have time (I always have time).

Of course I don’t watch it from beginning to end, there is a method to my madness, which I will explain later on in this blog if you can hold tight for five seconds.

But Grease Live is so much better than the original Grease, like I literally cannot even begin to explain how but let me try. First of all, you know how in the original Grease, you always skipped Danny’s solo where he sang “Sandy” at the drive-thru? You skipped it because John Travolta is creepy and scary looking and there were those random cartoon characters dancing in the background and you were 8 years old and like, “Did I just accidentally trip some acid?” In Grease Live, there are no cartoon characters or John Travolta because he doesn’t play Danny Zuko. Aaron Tveit, God’s gift to Broadway and this world, plays Danny Zuko. And his rendition of “Sandy” is actually good. 28-year-old you is like, “I like this! Even without acid!”

Second, you know how in the original Grease, you can’t tell Kenickie and Leo apart because they are both white guys with gel in their hair and one has bad acne scars but you can never remember which one and once again, you’re 8 years old and your parents are letting you watch this very problematic movie and you’re like, “Who is who?” Well in Grease Live you can tell them apart because one, you’re not 8 years old anymore and your attention to detail has slightly improved and also because Kenickie is played by a guy named Carlos and Leo is played by an Australian, so it’s way easier to tell them apart.

Also, you know how in the original Grease, everyone looked roughly 47 years old even though they were playing high schoolers, and you were like, “I know I’m only 8, but this seems off!” Well because Grease Live was filmed in 2016, skincare has vastly improved and everyone looks better and younger and Julianne Hough is a goddess who can’t be touched and also you don’t have to stare at John Travolta for two hours. Improvement!

ALSO, Vanessa Hudgens plays Rizzo instead of that other woman who actually scared me as an 8-year-old.

Overall, Grease is an incredibly problematic movie, considering Sandy literally becomes a bad girl to win over Danny and Danny also sexually assaults Sandy at the drive-thru and Danny is literally embarrassed to be seen with Sandy and throughout the entire movie, Sandy and Danny don’t share one nice moment, but besides all of that, it’s the best movie in the world! The singing is so great! I mean “Summer Nights” is a great song because it’s like, who is lying? Sandy or Danny? I personally think Danny is lying through his teeth and Sandy isn’t, but that’s another blog post for another day. Also, the dancing! Remember “Greased Lightning?” A great song to dance to no matter what kind of mood you’re in. I mean, “the chick’s cream!” That of course was changed to “the chick’s scream” for Grease Live, but they did keep “Did she put up a fight” in “Summer Nights” because you truly can’t win them all, can you!

Of course, if you plan on watch Grease Live for the first time, it’s available on iTunes for a few bucks, I’m sure, I actually don’t know. I bought my copy a long time ago. It’s also available on YouTube because it shows up on my suggestions every day. But if you want to watch it, of course watch it the entire way through because you must see everything. Like when Boyz II Men sing “Beauty School Dropout” or when Jessie J sings “Grease Is The Word” at the beginning. Or the dance off is so good! And the ending is so good! Or when Vanessa Hudgens sings “There Are Worst Things” and she’s on the verge of tears and you know just a few days before, her dad died in real life, but she’s pushing through like a true performer. Ah, it’s all so good!

But once you watch it like three times all the way through, there are some moments you are allowed to skip. I am a licensed professional when it comes to this because I’ve seen it so many times. First, you can 100% skip Carly Ray Jepsen’s solo right before “Beauty School Dropout.” It’s not very good and she kind of messes up at one point and I just suggest skipping it just for own health. Also, you can skip anytime the principal is talking in the office because that is just there to serve as a buffer for the actors to get to one sound stage to the other (this was a full production LIVE, people). There’s also a solo by Keke Palmer during the sleepover and it’s fine, not great. It’s called “Freddy My Love.” It’s not in the original movie but it is in the stage version. It’s not great, so go ahead and skip. Without a doubt, you can most certainly skip the car race scene at the end. It’s extra cringe-worthy because they are on a studio lot, so the cars are going nowhere and it’s bad. Skip it, skip it, skip it. However, there’s a scene where Danny is trying out for sports and Jordan Fischer is playing “Magic Changes” in the background and that part is v good, you should definitely not skip that part.

Once you watch Grease Live, I can guarantee you you will never need to see the original Grease again. Wow, what did I miss, I wrote this in 15 minutes.

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