I Like Brad Pitt

I like him a lot.

It has come to my attention: a man. A man named Brad Pitt.

This man is an actor. I have seen exactly two movies he’s been in. The first: Moneyball, about baseball and money. The second: Once Upon A Time in Hollywood, a movie about I’m not sure. It was plotless and boring until it was good and exciting.

But Brad Pitt, I like him. He is handsome and good at acting. I didn’t pay attention to him much before because I did not care. But since watching him on the big screen for two-plus hours, I know what I didn’t know before: I like him.

When I think about how much I like him, I try not to think about how he has all those kids with that woman who is not me. I also try not to think about the time he cheated on that one woman with that other woman and then, like I said, had all those kids with her. That is something I do not like.

Instead, I focus on the things I do like. Like the story about the time he confronted Harvey Weinstein because Weinstein wanted to do bad stuff with Brad Pitt’s girlfriend at the time Gwyneth Paltrow. That is something I like: a man confronting another man for his girlfriend. That makes up for all those kids with that woman who is not me.

Brad Pitt is 55 years old, which is older than me but younger than my dad, so therefore OK to dedicate an entire blog to. I think 55 is a reasonable age to be and I think Brad Pitt is good at being 55.

Today, I read this GQ profile on Brad Pitt. It was boring, but there were photos, so I liked it.

There isn’t much more I know about Brad Pitt. I will try to find more things to know and then I will write about them. Right now all I know is: I like Brad Pitt.

Thank you.

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