100 Days of Jules, Day 35: "Julianne Hough burps and it’s banana-breath style."

Now we know what Julianne’s breath smells like. Yay.

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

Do Julianne Hough and Dancing With The Stars dance partner Cody Linley have any inside jokes, a poor Radio Disney reporter asked.

Julianne burps in his face sometimes!

During an interview with Radio Disney, Julianne and Cody explained how one time they were about to start dancing and Julianne pulled away to burp, ha-ha, so funny, laughing.

“Julianne Hough burps and it’s banana-breath style,” Cody says.

“But I do it nice,” Julianne says. “I do it in my mouth and like, I blow it away from his face.”

“I know, that’s what I’m saying,” Cody says. “She does it like the most ladylike way, but then she’s like, ‘Sorry, banana burp breath. It’s a big burp. That’s a big … .’ No, she doesn’t do that. I’m just messing with you.”


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