100 Days of Jules, Day 60: Julianne Stops Herself From Dissing … Christina Aguilera?

A very strange interview.

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

While promoting Footloose on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Julianne Hough began talking about her other movie experiences, like shooting Burlesque with Cher.

“I did a film with Cher,” Julianne says. “I’ve been so lucky. I know this doesn’t happen every day. I mean I got to do a movie with her, where she gave me like this awesome pep talk. Just like, ‘Oh, you’re better than … ‘ Oh, shoot.”

Julianne covers her mouth.

“What,” Jay Leno asks.

“Nothing. I probably shouldn’t say that. I’ll probably get in trouble,” Julianne responds.

It appears Julianne was about to finish her sentence by saying Cher told her that Julianne was better than someone else. The only person that makes sense is their Burlesque co-star Christina Aguilera. This Jay Leno appearance was October 2011 and if you remember, Julianne and Christina got into a spat earlier that year at a pre-Golden Globes party. It wouldn’t be shocking to think that Julianne would want to publicly humiliate Christina after that incident.

While promoting Burlesque in 2010, Cher explained in an interview that she didn’t really give Christina any advice while filming. But while filming one scene with her, Cher noticed Christina didn’t have the scene down yet, so Cher purposely messed up so they would have to re-film it.

In 2010, Julianne shared a story about Cher knowing Julianne could sing.

“Working with Cher, it was cool because we would all be hanging out, all the dancers, and she would be like, ‘I’m so nervous dancing in front of your girls. You guys are such pros. I mean it would be like you guys singing in front of me — well not you, Julianne. But singing in front of me.’ I was like, ‘Oh, she knows that I sing!’ Ah, that’s so cool.'”

Sounds like Cher respected Julianne more than she did Christina.

But year later, it doesn’t sound like Julianne had the greatest time working on Burlesque. While promoting Rock of Ages in 2012, she said, “”Wow. I mean I loved making Footloose and Burlesque was an experience. But nothing beats (Rock of Ages) or even stacks up to this.”

An experience. OK!

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