100 Days of Jules, Day 73: Julianne Has Been Studying Physics


Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

While on the red carpet for the premiere of America’s Got Talent, judge Julianne Hough discussed with E! News some of the acts she had seen so far.

“There’s been a few, like, mentalists or, like, people who work with energy and that’s something that I’m really interested in and have been, like, studying for the last couple of years,” Julianne says, “like physics and energy and all that stuff, so there’s been some actually really interesting acts that have been mind-blowing and kind of like in my field for some reason, yeah.”

The interviewer can’t believe what he’s hearing.

“I haven’t really talked about it much because it’s kind of a weird thing,” Julianne says. “It’s not very tangible, so, um, you’ll be hearing more about it.”

Julianne could be referring to the two mentalists who were on AGT (they basically did magic). But when Julianne said she had been studying energy and physics, she is most likely referring to John Amaral’s Energy Flow Formula. Julianne appeared on the Goop Lab episode that covered this and a video of her even went viral getting the “work” done. However, that form of treatment is pretty much unfounded and one doctor even called it a “scam.”

Julianne Hough founded her workout company, Kinrgy, in late 2019. Kinrgy comes from “Kin” and “Energy” and during the workouts, she speaks a lot about releasing the energy stored in our bodies.

“Unlocking all of that stagnant energy,” she says during a Kinrgy session.

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