Rock The Vote, Day 17: Tom Cruise

Who gets the Scientologists’ vote?

Rock The Vote is an original series, where I make an educated and researched guess on who certain celebrities are voting for Nov. 3, 2020.

I got drunk last night and didn’t write a blog ahead of time and now it’s 8:48 p.m. and I’m just now starting to feel better. I doubt anyone cares or anyone noticed, but apologies for the delay! It was my birthday!

Tom Cruise is an actor but more importantly, a Scientologist.

In 2019, Cruise met with a Ukrainian president to discuss shooting a movie there. This is significant because Trump reportedly asked that same president to “look into” presidential nominee Joe Biden and his son.

Also in 2019, Trump told a crowd of his supporters that America’s F-35 stealth fighter pilots are better looking than Cruise.

In 2009, Cruise publicly endorsed Democratic President Barack Obama.

Cruise is an outspoken supporter of the Church of Scientology. According to LA Times, Scientologists are socially conservative.

In 2017, Leah Remini, a former Scientologist who has spoken out against the cult, told TheWrap that Scientologists would have meetings on deciding which candidate to support. She also said she wouldn’t be surprised if the church supported Trump. A Scientology-heavy neighborhood in LA voted for Trump in 2016, according to TheWrap.

Based on Cruise’s involvement with Scientology, I believe he is voting for Trump.

The election is Nov. 3. Find out where you can vote. Support local journalism to stay informed.

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