Rock The Vote, Day 19: Katharine McPhee Foster

Katharine McPhee Foster is a Republican, lol.

Rock The Vote is an original series, where I make an educated and researched guess on who certain celebrities are voting for Nov. 3, 2020.

Katharine McPhee was runner-up on the fifth season of American Idol (I am not fact checking that, but I will fact check the rest of this blog). She is married to David Foster, who does something in the music industry (I think he writes songs and he’s won GRAMMYs).

McPhee is an actress and singer, appearing on the show SMASH and on the Broadway in Waitress. People have called her a gay icon. However, in September, a Twitter user uncovered that McPhee donates to Republican politicians.

Do I need to explain why being a Republican and gay icon doesn’t make sense? It’s Day 19 of this series, hopefully y’all get it.

McPhee follows a lot of Republicans on Instagram and likes their posts. I documented that here. She liked a post from Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw about how Democrats should stop blaming the president.

I believe McPhee is voting for Trump.

The election is Nov. 3. Find out where you can vote. Support local journalism to stay informed.

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