50 Days of Scott Eastwood, Day 10: He’s A “Really Strong Swimmer”

What can’t he do?

Welcome to 50 Days of Scott Eastwood, a Just PMSing original series, where we dive deep into the man, the myth, the legend, Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

What can’t Scott Eastwood do? He’s hot, he acts, and he can swim. That’s what we call a triple threat.

While promoting the sunglasses brand Persol, a brand I have never heard of, Eastwood explains his first screen test.

It was for a movie called Pride with Terrance Howard (I once met him) and Bernie Mac (RIP). The finalists for the role had to go in and do a “swim test,” Eastwood explains.

“We had to do a lap, there and back,” he says while motioning his hands going back and forth. “And I was always a really strong swimmer, so, uh, this was for me, this was very easy. I said, ‘Oh, I do the thing with my eyes closed.’ And then I got the role.”

I don’t think he actually did “the thing” with his eyes closed, but man, can you imagine if he did? Swimming with his eyes closed!!!

Congratulations to Eastwood for nailing his first screen test.

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