50 Days of Scott Eastwood, Day 24: “That’s good water.”


Welcome to 50 Days of Scott Eastwood, a Just PMSing original series, where we dive deep into the man, the myth, the legend, Clint Eastwood’s son, Scott. Photo by Gage Skidmore.

On the YouTube channel Scott Eastwood x Made Here, which has 7,000 subscribers, there are several videos about different things, like how water is filtered. It’s a little confusing because I thought Made Here was Eastwood’s clothing line, but this channel covers more than just clothes — it covers how different things are made. Hence, “made here.” Ha-ha. I get it now.

In the video “Which is better: Bottled Water or Tap? Scott Eastwood unravels the mystery,” Eastwood talks to water experts about how water is made (?) and filtered until consumers can drink it. He interviews different people and it feels like a 60 Minutes feature. The thumbnail for the video is Eastwood shirtless drinking, which is fitting for his entire brand.

At some point in the video, Eastwood takes a drink of water and says, “That’s good water.” That’s the highlight of the video.

But water seems to be a concern for Eastwood, who referenced the “water crisis we’re in” a few years before his water video. While promoting Pacific Rim Uprising, Eastwood tells the reporter that the water crisis is humanity’s main threat.

“Something that is not human is our threat and we have to set aside our differences as a human race to come together to survive,” he says.


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