100 Days of Jules, Day 38: Julianne Once Left A $50,000 Watch in Her Unlocked Car

Girlie, what were you doing?

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

Yes, you read that headline correctly.

According to TMZ, Julianne left $100,000 worth of jewelry in her unlocked car parked in Hollywood while she visited a friend. Her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest was the one who gifted her the jewelry, including a $50,000 watch. Why anyone would leave such expensive jewelry in a car is beyond me, BUT TO NOT EVEN LOCK THE CAR. Even if not locking the car was a mistake, which I’m sure it was, I don’t leave a shopping bag in my car in plain sight. This story is bananas and I’m calling the cops on Julianne!!!

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