100 Days of Jules, Day 75: Julianne "Wasn’t Ready To Build A Family" With Brooks

Let’s read her diary.

Here is where I attempt to blog about Julianne Hough for 100 days straight. This was inspired by Allie Jones’ 500 blogs on Kristin Cavallari, a much funnier read.

According to Entertainment Tonight, a source tells the site that Julianne Hough’s estranged husband Brooks Laich “wanted to have kids with Hough before their split, though she wasn’t ready.”

“In the last two years, those closest to Julianne and Brooks watched as they grew apart,” the source told ET. “Julianne seemed to be going through a period of self-discovery and change which isn’t what Brooks had planned for. He loved the life they had and wanted nothing more than to build a family together but Julianne wasn’t ready.”

Julianne has always been open about her want to have a family. In 2016, while she was engaged to Brooks, she told ET that she has wanted to be a mother since she was 5. She said she’s always wanted four kids, but knew it would most likely end up being two.

Then in 2017, she told Access that because she has so many nieces and nephews, she was fine waiting to have kids.

“We’re good. We’re like best aunt and uncle ever, so we’re good,” she says.

In 2018, she seemed offended at the question when a TMZ paparazzi asked her about kids outside of LAX.

“Really,” she says. “You’re going to ask that? Um, we’re totally enjoying being married right now.”

“No plans yet,” the paparazzo responds.

“Not right now,” she says.

In April 2020, Julianne posted her “morning pages” on Instagram. While she didn’t intend for people to zoom in and read what she wrote in her personal diary, I did.

From what I can read, she writes, “What do you want Julianne? What do you want? …. I want a passionate relationship that I ____ see myself NOT having children with that person.

“I do want children, but I want my partner first and foremost.”

In May 2020, Julianne spoke to Women’s Health about freezing her eggs.

“I think the healthier I am from the inside out — as far as my beliefs, my energy, what I’m putting into my body — the better prepared I’ll be when the time comes,” she told Women’s Health. “We never actually tried to get pregnant. It was more of a precautionary measure: Let’s do our due diligence for the future by freezing eggs.”

Sounds like Julianne went through some self-discovery and learned that maybe kids weren’t the top priority. 

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